Do you mind when a guest asks to use your computer?

Mixed feelings on this.
My cousin and his wife come to visit once a year, and they check emails about every other day…I don’t have a problem with that, as they need to check regarding their jobs back home and their kids.

I did, however, have some other friends stay and they pretty much hogged my computer for about 3 hours searching for stuff on-line (one was in the market for a new computer and price checking local stores) and they downloaded a couple of files that I only discovered the next day. Nothing serious (a few PDF’s and photos), but the fact that they didn’t ask before downloading sort of pissed me off. I immediately ran AdAware and Spybot to get rid of any crap they might have accidentally downloaded as well.

No, but I’d log out and log them in as a guest even for a quick email check. If they’re not just dropping by but actually staying with us and didn’t happen to bring a laptop (rare among our friends) then we have a loaner with a guest account set up ready to go.

I’m a bit territorial about mine (especially with my mother–she’s not that good with technology) but if asked I’ll usually allow it. It’s rare that I have something running that I don’t want disturbed–and when I do, it’s something that takes up a lot of processing power, so everything else is likely to be running slow anyways.

Fortunately, we have two computers, so a guest using one usually isn’t a big deal.

Wouldn’t mind at all if they were overnighters, but it would seem weird if they were just there for the evening. That would seem rude unless they had something they wanted to show everyone.

I wouldn’t mind letting them use it if they wouldn’t mind having me stand behind them the entire time watching every move they make. Otherwise, no they can’t use it. Partly I have my financial info on my computer and partly I’m just an asshole.

Please people let them use your pc’s as much as they want. I have made a business out of cleaning up after them.

I’m insanely territorial about mine. It’s my prrrrecioussss, it musssst know only my touch. Keep your thiefsssy hands off !

I’m finding the range of opinions here quite fascinating.

Don’t mind it. In fact, I like it if it makes my guests feel comfortable. Sure, it sucks to have to re-enter passwords and whatever, but that is part of having guests over.

I don’t get too many guests who ask for this, but I don’t care if they want to check their email or whatever on my computer.

I get pissed if my Darling Marcie uses the computer and it’s as much hers as it is mine. But she is not a Doper and I am. She only uses it for researching retirement info and other such nonsense; she is entirely wasting time while I used it for serious things.

I mind because I don’t want most people to see what forums that I post on because then I have to consider their feelings when I post. I let them anyway but I’m not comfortable with it.

I have a laptop and I’d pretty much rather share underwear than my computer! I have a short list of people I’d let use it at all, and nobody has my password, period. We have a home network and only my download folder is shared–oh, except for the family picture folder, that’s shared too. Luckily our media center computer is available for email checking and casual browsing, but it’s no good for pr0n surfing since it’s hooked up to the flat panel TV in the living room, heh heh. My SO is a bit more casual about his desktop since he has separate partitions/OS for work and home use. He lets the grandboy use his computer and has games installed just for Jr. He, however, has no folders shared and is usually stealthed from the rest of the network so he has his paranoias too.

I can’t even imagine the circumstances that would lead to a complete stranger using my laptop. I guess if I built a second guest profile specifically for that purpose I’d consider it, but let a stranger into my personal profile? Fuck no! :eek:

I generally let them, but it makes me nervous that they’re going to find my porn. I use the same method posted upthread of opening IE for them, since all my bookmarks and cache and such are in Firefox.

The same way I feel about letting them use my couch and TV and refrigertor etc.–it never occurred to me to be bothered by it. I can understand other people who feel differently though.

I’ve never gave it a second thought until one time my room mates GF’s 16yo daughter asked if she and her friend who was with her at the time could use it.

With out thinking I told them sure no problem. Then later on that night I went to log on to see whats happening here at the dope. It was at that point to my horror, I realized I had two porn sites right there in my history browser!

I could tell they hadn’t clicked on them because they were still at the bottom but I just couldn’t help but to feel really creepy at the time. I have since set my computer up to erase my browser history every time I log off.

Normally, I don’t mind at all. My computer is just an overpriced toy to me. (and sometimes a substitute GF. But isn’t this true for every guy?)

I don’t mind if a houseguest uses my computer.

I don’t like it if a party guest wants to, but I wouldn’t deny them if they really wanted to.

If you’re so important that you can’t wait a few hours to check your own business then you should invest in a smartphone and leave my PC alone. I don’t want anyone touching my computer ever, but I would do it for a good friend.

I think people in this thread are mainly talking about guests who stay overnight, or for multiple days. I certainly wasn’t referring to someone who comes over for dinner, or for a short visit.

Well if it was a longer term guest than they’re free to use a guest account I suppose because I’m not letting anyone but close friends and family stay more than overnight, but I still wouldn’t like it and would feel compelled to hover around to make sure that they’re not stealing music or downloading cp or anything.