Do you narrate your actions in your head?

I am afraid that I might be the only one who does this. Quite often, I will be narrating my actions as I do them - for example: “I sighed deeply and began typing my essay” or “I pondered this for a moment and walked down the stairs”. I feel like I’ve been writing a diary, or maybe a novel, in my head for years - the thought occurred to me for the first time in second grade. I shared this odd habit of mine with a friend once, who dutifully said something about me being born to be a writer - the response expected from a good friend. I write stories in my head, too, and sometimes write them down later. Usually not. It would be really, really great if I could somehow print out a transcript of all the stuff I’ve thought over the years… (Azure sighs deeply and continues) Does anybody else do this, or am I alone in my insanity?

BTW, if you think I say “sighs deeply” a lot, then you’d be right - it’s a teen angst thing.

I think it is actually fairly common, although one article I read thought it occured more often with males he typed before clicking the Submit Reply button and waiting for his most recent submission to be displayed for the universal admiration of the Teeming Millions.

I don’t narrate my actions, but I often score them. I like my life to have a soundtrack.

If I want to be annoying, I narrate other people’s actions, out loud. It’s fun!

I used to do it. It’s a little schizy. Glad I stopped, though it happened without my trying. It’s probably because I started having a lot more work to do, no time to think that kind of thing.

This is not totally off topic (I think), this morning lying in bed I imagined a whole conversation with two elderly women… I wasn’t in the coversation, I wasn’t part of the conversation, I’ve never seen these women before in my life (one had curly red hair I think it was out of a bottle but she told the other lady it was natural). I was a little wierded out by it and hand to conciously stop it… is that normal?

Back to the OP no, but I to have a soundtrack.

…had and too…

I don’t narrate my actions as I’m doing them, but often I’ll find myself mentally replaying conversations that I had earlier, and thinking about whether I handled them well (usually the answer is “no”…I write much more coherently than I talk). I seem to have a good memory for that sort of thing; I can remember conversations I had during the last day or two, word for word.

As for the “soundtrack” thing: I find that I get specific situations associated with specific songs. Several of my favorite songs are favorites only because hearing them reminds me of something good that happened to me years before.

-Andrew L

I’ve never imagined a soundtrack going along with the narration, although that would make my life more interesting…

I walk over to the fridge and place my cup under the automatic ice machine cue suspenseful music I press the button and - AAAUUUGH! Ice shoots out in all directions! I fight valiantly against the freezing harbringers of pain, but to no avail. I collapse to the ground, chunks of ice covering thudding against my body, while the violins of sudden and unfair death sound.

Then again, interesting stuff would have to actually happen before I could add a soundtrack to it.

I, like whitetho, narrate my actions in the third person.

When I’m alone, I also pretend I’m a character in a story. So, like, yesterday when I was driving home to my father’s house by myself, I pretended I was someone else driving to her father’s house. This other person had someone else in the car with her, so I imagined their conversations, too.


[small]I’ve never told anyone about this before.[/small]