Do You Need Quarters for Laundry?

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Just wondering how many among us have our own washers and dryers for laundry and how many of us have to pay per load.

If you have to pay per load, are the pay machines located on property where you live? Or do you have to go to a laundromat? Do you pay with quarters (or QuartEuros or Quarterbahts or Quarubles or whatever your crazy currency is?)? Or do you buy credits on a card that is used to pay the machine?

I haven’t had a washer and dryer in the home since the home I lived in was my mother’s (so, over half my life ago). I’ve always needed quarters (or, at one apartment for a few years, a pay card). Only for a short time did I have to drag myself to a laudromat. The rest of the time the apartment complexes I’ve lived in had their own pay machines.

I have a washer in my home. Our clothes dryer is Caribbean style, sun and wind do the job as fast as any machine.

In my previous residence in a six unit apartment building I needed Cayman quarters for the washer in the laundry room downstairs. IIRC it was CI$2 (US$2.50) per load. The machine would only take an older issue of quarters - something about a change to the metal composition made the new ones not work. The landlady lived across the road and made change. There were dryers but no one used them since there was a clothesline strung up on the porch.

Once in a great while I still go to a laundromat to use their large capacity machines to washer large bedding items.

Can’t recall if I’ve every been to a Laundromat. Don’t think so.

I’ve always had my own, or could just drop by my folks house and do my laundry there.

I have a washer in my home, but since the dryer died, I use the indoor line in the cold months and the outdoor line in the warm. There is a laundromat near my home that I use if I don’t plan ahead properly, or if I want to do the bedding (blankets, sheets get line dried). Once every month or six weeks, I do all the towels in the dryer. It makes them fluffy again.
$0.25 per 8 minutes. I can dry just about anything in 24-32 minutes. Canada.

Since I live in a studio apartment, using either my downstairs laundry or the laundromat across the street is a necessity. I’ve never seen payment cards at the dozens of laundromats I’ve been over the years, where do you see them?

We’ve got a washer and dryer, plus I have a deck out back with 12 clotheslines to use when weather permits. Last time I had to use a coin laundry regularly was when we were living on our boat. And I’d just do 3 or 4 loads at a time.

As a bonus, I occasionally find quarters in my washer. :smiley:

I need one quarter. The washing machine costs $2.25. Technically the dryer costs $1.75 but I just put $2 in – I usually need the extra drying time anyway.

I don’t know how you Americans live without $1 and $2 coins.

It’s a pain in the ass (not to have dollar coins that are commonly used). The machines in my apartment building laundry room take quarters, and it’s $1.50 for a wash or dry cycle. I usually do two loads each week, so each week, I need more than half of a ten-dollar roll of quarters.

I use the machines in the building but I only need one $2 coin.

I put that I have a washer and dryer, because I do, But I do still go to the laundromat down the street on occasion for thick blankets,sleeping bags etc I always have tons more quarters than I need when I do.

Thankfully, my current apartment has a washer and drier in the unit. My old apartment building had laundry machines that only took quarters. It was only in the last few months that I lived there that they reinstalled a dollar bill changer in the laundry room, which was often out of service. Chicago banks in residential areas often won’t sell rolls of quarters to non customers. Some places would only sell $10 of quarters for $11. Glad I’m done with that nonsense.

I have my own washer/dryer, extend my pinky, and use “albeit” in casual conversation but I do keep a small stash of laundromat change handy for blankets and other large items as well as clothes too filthy for normal washing.

when I first moved into an apartment, I used their coin-op washer and dryer for a little while. The third time I had to go out and get change so I could do my laundry, I said “screw this” and bought the cheapest Whirlpool set I could find. 12 years later they’re still working fine.

My Credit Union will be opening a branch half a block from where I live, In April.

All the Quarters I will ever need…

Our laundry room takes quarters. Washers are $1 and the double washer is $1.50. Dryers are $1 except for the little dryer that’s 75 cents.

I used to go to the laundromat up the street that had debit cards and wifi and was open all night, but they changed management and have gone downhill too much.

My last two apartments have been 1BR with in-unit washer and dryer. The one before that had a communal laundry room but it had laundry cards that you loaded cash onto. Never needed quarters.

The laundry room at my apartment complex uses them, and I do have one stashed in my wallet for emergency use, if the washer/dryer I’m renting from management breaks down or I have items too big for same. The monthly rental fee is about as much as I would spend to use the laundry room anyway, and offers a LOT of convenience given restricted hours for the laundry room, its location at the other end of the complex, etc.

Have my own washer-dryer, do not extend pinky finger on the rare occasions I drink tea, occasionally use laundromats when washing heavy items that my washer can’t handle, have an outside clothes line I use during the summer.

Back in the days when I had no washer-dryer and needed lots of coins for the laundromat, I’d buy rolls of quarters from the bank. Much easier than relying on the dollar change machines which didn’t work half the time.

Washing my clothes at a laundromat was always one of my least favorite chores so I bought a washer and dryer and now I can do my laundry in my basement whenever I feel like it. If that makes me fancy, so be it.

I don’t drink tea. But I do own a Top Hat.