Do you notice many errors on Google maps in your area?

The location of perhaps the main landmark in our town, the castle, is incorrect and a pedestrianised thoroughfare is marked as a road whilst the road next to it doesn’t appear. IIRC I reported these errors before but they haven’t been changed. Do you notice many error, inaccuracies in your area on Google maps?

I’ve reported some: a street name misspelling and I believe a wrong location for something. My own immediate neighborhood seems to have a few errors, but I haven’t reported any as I doubt they would fix them quite frankly. It is odd in that my own address can be given about four different street names due to renames and ambiguities in street names here.

The acknowledged the name change, but I don’t think they fixed it. I can’t even remember which is the real name now, and street view resolution is too low there to see the street sign.

In my area no - few areas. Its city and well covered. But trying to follow their directions in more rural areas has gotten me lost so often I don’t even use them.

Most of the errors I’ve seen were business locations marked at spots several hundred yards from their actual position. I’ve tried reporting it but there was some issue about a business requiring to make the change themselves.

My house is wrong. An Gadai, you live in a town with a castle?

Yes, I live in Ireland.

I’ve noticed and reported a few, all of which have been corrected.

Mostly misalignment of street address numbers.

Also noticed they had the San Diego Zoo labeled as the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Google Maps had an error (due to inconsistent street numbers) that placed a Dillard’s Dept. Store where my business is actually located. The Dillard’s is about 3 miles up the road. Somehow related to this, it also placed Dillard University at my business location. Dillard University is across the river in New Orleans near Lake Pontchartrain…no similarities in address at all.

Unrelated to Google Maps (I just checked), I updated my Garmin GPS maps to the 2011 maps today and when I searched for nearby points of interest, I found the Chattanooga Visitors Bureau at #2 Broad Street in Gretna, Louisiana. This is wrong on more than one level, being that Chattanooga is in Tennessee, and also that Broad Street in Gretna, Louisiana only exists on paper. There are a few houses that are addressed to Broad Street, but are actually accessed by 4th Street which would run behind those houses.

I looked up Chattanooga Visitors Bureau on Google Maps and it’s actually located at #2 Broad Street in Chattanooga, TN.

Yup. It placed one business a couple of miles from where it actually was, and a government office only a few hundred yards, but once you’re standing there on the street that you know should be right, you don’t know which of the 30 nearby streets to go to. A few other roads are unlisted, listed incorrectly, or leading off in the wrong direction. I wouldn’t have expected central London to be so inaccurate.

In my neighborhood, Google Maps lists a Panera Bread as being located at the end of a side-street in a residential neighborhood where there are no businesses of any kind.

How do you think Google maps makes its money? You go out of town and just want something to eat and you find yourself in a stickup trap surrounded by Google’s goons.

3 of the 5 closest Quizno’s locations to me according to Google are out of business or have never existed. Makes it really effing tricky to get a chicken carbonara sandwich, let me tell you.

If you’re trying to find Leu Gardens, a local botanical garden, Google Navigation directs you to a construction site nearby.

The best one I found wasn’t that the map was wrong, it was that the driving directions were wrong. There was an evacuation of a one mile radius around a meat packing plant. I wanted to see if I was within the one mile radius so I put in their address and my work address. Here’s the driving directions which are now correct. As you can see it’s a straight shot down Layton Ave (From “A” to the first left turn is just getting out of their parking lot). At the time, the directions said to head West, make a left turn on S Pennsylvania Ave, make a right where it says 794 and enter that highway. Then exit at Layton Ave and make a left and continue to where it says “B.” I suppose I can understand that there was some kind of glitch that caused it to take you so far out of the way, but there isn’t an exit there. You can’t head North on 794 and exit at Layton Ave.

I noticed that they mislabeled a creek a road. I admit, it looks like it is a continuation of a road that dead ends.

I reported it about two years ago, but they never fixed it. So, I don’t report things anymore.

Maps are expensive to make, hard to change and labor intensive. the government can and does do it at a loss. Pvt industry , not so much.

How did you document the things you said were wrong? Why should they believe you.

You tell strangers to just follow Google to get to your house? What if they use MapQuest instead, or M$ Streets & Maps or a paper map, or just ask the mail man from the other side of town?

You don’t provide a screen shot from Google Earth, written directions, Lat & Long coordinates?

You want it all perfect and cheap and fast? Right?

For Ogs sake never try to be a pilot because no matter what the GPS, the Loran, RNAV, VOR or the maps say, if you are in the wrong place, it is still all your fault. The pilot can not pass the buck.

People who believe that maps are correct most of the time also believe politicians that talk.

Worked in the mapping business 35 years. Day in and day out, Aviation sectional maps are the most accurate. 7.5 minute USGS quads are next ( find stuff wrong on the all the time ) as far as general use for the public is concerned.

Specialty maps can be much better but you will not see that on MapQuest.

If you want your changes made, find out from that particular maps source what they need to have from you to be able to make the change. You might find it interesting. Also may be so expensive that they will not even think about it.


In my area Google’s website maps are close to 100%, at least for roads open more than 6 months.

But the Google app on my WinPhone sprinkles businesses at random all over our town. Everything from gas stations to Quizno’s to giant corporate HQs are sitting on quiet residential streets or out in the water.

Unlike the website, these dots & labels for businesses just appear on the map; they’re not the result of searching for them.

Well the reason why I noticed, and it rankles, is that I run a business, and our store is on the mislabelled road in our town. Customers are already confused over the two streets, so this might add to their confusion. I also can’t actually pinpoint my store on google maps because AFAIIC my street doesn’t exist which interferes with how our store is listed on some shopping sites.

They had several errors near me. A street that they showed as a through that was interrupted for one block; another that was interrupted for two blocks; a park that was shown as going for two blocks, but occupied only half of one of them. All this is clearly visible in the satellite pictures and were duly corrected after I told them. The last is a street that is shown as connecting to another at a T, but is actually blocked to cars. You can’t see that in the satellite picture and they didn’t change it.

This was “Google Maps”??

Would you be willing to say what city or town or county or was it a city or more or less small town in the country?

How did you show them & to who was it sent?

How long till they made the change?

So they fixed 3 of the 4 things you pointed out???

Because they can click on the little magic yellow man (StreetView) and look that the intersection with there own two eyes to see it is a ditch, not a road. Sending someone in person is not required.

I provided them the coordinates produced by their own system along with a very detailed word description of what was and what was not a road in that area.

Sure, who doesn’t. Look, I’m not complaining to them. I still use their service. I just thought I would point out their error. If they don’t want to fix errors that are pointed out, I won’t spend my time spamming them with requests.