Do You Notice Things?

Ok, I don’t mean to notice certain things - maybe I’m just really nosey and I actually look for things that seem interesting or creepy at the moment. I swear… whether it’s people picking their noses in public places or whether they have their hand up the rear, picking a wedgie, I always seem to notice.
Last year, I was at an amusement park with a friend of the same sex. I didn’t think there was anything special about the day until around noon, I noticed a lot of same-sex couples… Now I’m not just talking about friends - I mean the groping, kissing, public displays of affection. Even today, I question whether I unintentionally chose to arrive on Gay Pride day… not that I have anything against homosexuals, but it just struck me as strange that I’d notice.

Anyone else notice weird things that just don’t matter or have any affect on you what-so-ever?

I’d noticed that at one tea cafe. I liked the decor and brought people with me a couple of times, just because it was in walking distance. When the sevice was really bad I mentioned it and my guests said, “Well, they DO seem to be serving all the lesbian couples who came in after us, and we’re the only non-lesbians here.” I noticed the other patrons for the first time, and the server/owners. All had dike hairdos, leather everything and big arm muscles.

Sometimes, when I’m very focused, I don’t notice things. But I do notice strange locations of posters. Like Chocolatetown, USA! :slight_smile: Could that be Hershey, PA?

I notice things also. Like I went to a string concert the other day and in the auditorium, noticed first the large amount of elderly people who were in attendance, then I noticed this enormously fat kid who must gave been around 7, who had to sit on his mothers lap and be bounced through some of the show. I noticed how most of the many female players seemed to have small breasts and slim figures and how they outnumbered the guys like two to one. I spotted (couldn’t miss them) an enormously fat couple that sat several pews down. (This was a church auditorium and a big one that that.) I noticed the really large amount of lights in the ceiling over the stage and the beautiful, back lit stained glass picture of Jesus on the back wall also. When I went out for a smoke, I noticed the absolute lack of cigarette butts on the ground in the parking area and drive way, so I military butted my own. (That’s where you flick off the lit end, break off the rest from the filter and rip it apart, scattering the tobacco and rolling up the paper into tiny bits then dropping them and pocketing the filter.)

I don’t notice hair or fashion. A woman I work with got her hair highlighted or low lighted and we sat working until another arrived and made a huge deal. We laughed b/c I didn’t notice.
I work with kids and i have had them get almost right in my face just smiling big time. Usually, somebody lets me know, they just got their braces off. I am just simple-minded I suppose. When I am focused on something, I ignore soooooo much.

I notice things I care about. I notice flowers blooming and the smell after a summer rain. I notice fire flies.