Do you own an icepick?

Happened to see Basic Instinct on the classic movie channel the other day. And this time I went all WTF about the icepicks. Apart from the murder weapon itself, both Stone’s and Douglas’s characters had an icepick and used it for presumably is intended purpose, is they pulled a large solid chunk of ice out of the freezer and chipped bits off it for their drinks.

I’ve never owned an icepick, I don’t recall ever seeing one in someone house. Which is obvious when I consider the only time I’ve ever seen block ice is by going to the iceworks to specifically request it.

I’m in Australia though, so I’m wondering if buying a block of ice and having an icepick in the house is an American thing?

I don’t have one, but I see how it can be useful. A block of ice doesn’t have to be pure water. For example I used to have a block of curry massalla sauce in the freezer and would break off cup-sized portions for cooking.

I had one, but I lent it to a Mexican gentleman who needed it in a hurry.

I own an awl, which when cleaned up could pass as an ice pick. Handy to add an extra hole to a belt.

I owned one back when I had a POS refrigerator. It would make ice, but at some point it would melt and then refreeze again. The only way to recover the ice was with an ice pick.

I also found out the hard way that it’s not a good idea to try and pick ice that’s sitting in a plastic bowl. You’d think common sense would dictate that but there you have it.

For years, I thought an icepick was the same as an ice axe. I don’t own one.

Yes, an antique. Still used to break ice.

I don’t see how an ice pick differs substantially from an ice axe. - maybe an American terminology thing.

I own an ice axe(/pick) - well a couple of pairs actually - they sit in the umbrella stand in the porch much to the consternation of some visitors who don’t know me well.

I have one of these, it’s an ice pick for use in a refrigirator or melted bag of ice for a party. Not one of theice pick axes. One is used in the home or the ear of someone you don’t care much for; the other on a mountain side or upside the head of someone you don’t care much for.

Right. I have never seen the first one of those - we get ice from drinks out of trays not hack at chunks.

Back in the dark ages when people had to defrost their refrigerator freezers themselves, households had an ice pick just like they had hammers and screwdrivers. In fact, you’d place the ice pick on a thick hunk of ice and hit the end with a hammer, hoping some would break off. Then you’d end up hammering the tip of the screwdriver into the ice like a sculptor to smooth it all out somewhat.

Nope, I don’t own one so I don’t have the slightest idea how it ended up in the back of that guy’s neck.

They are substantially different to me. An ice pick to me is a hand held device about 8 inches long similar to an awl. Essentially a wooden handle with a single tine. An ice axe, is an axe and isn’t something that could be used in home.

Ahh, I see what you’re thinking. From Wikipedia: The term ice pick also commonly refers to a mountaineers’ tool known in the USA as an ice axe.

With most refrigerators having ice cube machines built in, there isn’t a need for ice picks in the home anymore. When I was a kid I worked in an meat & ice locker bagging ice. We’d receive a shipment of ice blocks that were around 5 feet tall, by maybe 2 feet x 3 feet. A ice pick was invaluable. We would use the ice pick to fracture the huge block of ice into perfect rectangular cubes and feed them into an ice crusher that resembled a vertical wood chipper with a lot smaller safety chute. Ahh good times.

I have two of them. One for each hand.

I just use a screw driver and a hammer on frozen foods.

My mother bought an electric refrigerator in about 1940, and we never needed a household icepick after that, but I think my dad kept it on his workbench. I’ve seen them in use, the soda jerk at the drug store used one. Also, when there were still some families in town who did not have electric refrigerators, we’d ride around on our bikes on hot summer days looking for the ice-man’s truck, and he’d use an icepick to chop off some hand-held chunks of ice for us to ride around with.

My fridge doesn’t have an ice maker so I buy a $1 bag of ice about once a month. The pieces always seem to fuse together sitting in the bin in the freezer so I use my ice pick all the time to break them up. A screwdriver just doesn’t work the same for some reason.

I do have one. It belonged to my grandparents, well over 50years old. I keep it in a drawer by the fridge; the ice will get stuck together at the bottom of the bin, and maybe once a week or so, I use the pick to loosen it up.

Interesting question. I’ve never had one or lived in a house that did. In fact, I think I’ve only ever seen one “in the flesh” when I worked at a pizza place.

When I was a kid the Ice man came 3 times a week (If I remember correctly), we kids would gather at the truck in hopes of getting a chip. He had these huge tongs and would gather the block of ice up, actually bring it into the house where the icebox was and put it in the top which was a metal clad box (probably lead). Then if the family wanted ice for any sort of drink one had an ice pick. However the ice pick has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur with refrigerators these days mostly having ice makers built in.

No, I don’t own one and I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who kept one around. Most people have ice cube trays or built-in ice dispensers.

If I’ve got something big and frozen that I need to break apart I’ve got plenty of ways to do it. Soup, stew, sauces and the like? Throw it in a pot and heat it up, stir/break up with wooden spoon as needed. Big bag of frozen berries or party ice or something? Pound it on the butcher block or whack it with the meat tenderizer. Problem solved.