Do you own an RCA RP3765 CD Clock Radio?

It got a nice review here:

My question is: is the volume control a dial or push button?

I have a GREAT alarm…dual alarm (so that one can be a radio station). But the problem is the dial for volume control. It’s how you set the volume of the radio station alarm. I sleep with the radio on all night, and different stations have different volumes…sometimes the same station varies. There is NO accuracy with a dial volume control.

Anyway, if you have a favorite radio alarm with push button volume control (did I mention I don’t like dial control?), lemme know about it…please!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a very similar (RP3755A) but somewhat older (3/2002) RCA model. The volume control is push button. Also, the wake up volume and station are different from the regular/sleep settings - you can wake to a different station with a different volume. I suspect the programming in this model is much the same. Both alarms can be independently set to radio, CD, or beeps. The sound quality seems very good to me too.

The number and function of all the buttons seems a little awkward and can be a confusing but overall I like these models and would recommend them.

Here’s a photo of my model. It doesn’t have the TV sound feature mentioned in the slate article.