Do you pay attention to what kind of plane you're flying on? And do you care?

I’m curious, for those of you who fly on at least a somewhat regular basis, do you pay attention to what kind of plane you’re on? If so, do you look at the type when booking? Do you try to avoid certain planes and seek out others, or do you just book whatever flight is cheapest or most convenient?

Yes, I pay attention, but I don’t really care. My primary airline is “all Boeing” which I used to think was a good thing. (That 737Max issue is going to be a problem. But Alaska Air doesn’t have any 737Maxes, so that’s good.)

I like the former Virgin America planes Alaska bought, because they have a nicer first class section (I’m sure they’ll change it as soon as they can)

Sometimes when there is more than one option (Seattle to Spokane for example) I’ll take the flight with the 737 instead of the flight with the commuter jet.

They don’t currently, but they do have 32 on order according to Wikipedia. Apparently the first ones were planned to be delivered next month, but obviously that’s been pushed back.

I do pay attention, but at most it’s a tie breaker if there are two or more flights with similar price and schedule. I actually enjoy flying on a type of plane I’ve never been on before if I have the opportunity, but that typically only happens on international trips. It’s hard to find anything domestically in the US that isn’t either a 737 or A320 or a regional jet.

I always use SeatGuru to select my seats, so I have to be aware of the type of plane I’m flying on. While it makes no difference to which flight I select, my choice of seats will be dictated by the configuration of the particular plane, so to the extent that it impacts my seat selection, I do care about which plane it is. But I’ve never decided to take (or not take) a particular flight because of the airplane.

I pay attention when something unusual happens.

For instance, there was a flight on a commercial plane (unknown type) a few years ago which had extremely restricted seat space to the point of claustrophobia and fear that I wouldn’t be able to extricate myself in time in the event of trouble.

Mostly I don’t care as long as it has wings, a tail and engines and there are humans in snappy uniforms flying it.

I look at the flight card to see what kind of aircraft I’m on, simply because that sort of information fascinates me. Of course, I couldn’t in a million years tell you the difference between an Airbus 420 and a McDonnell-Douglas 69 if my life depended on it. But it’s still cool information to have.

As a pilot, I assure you I do. Very embarrassing to be found crewing a plane for which you’re not qualified. :smiley:

I’m also a frequent passenger, and to answer the OP’s question seriously - yes. I’m not too interested in Airbus vs Boeing, but mostly I’m concerned with seating options. One of the gotchas is to find you’re on a big wide body. Good, right?

Not necessarily, because then you get into interior row seating (or whatever the technical term is for a bunch of seats in the middle of the aircraft). I want to be on the aisle, window if I have to and a middle seat lastly. Where I REALLY don’t want to be is the middle of an interior row with a few people on each side.

Some smaller aircraft also present problems with small carry-on bins, though I usually don’t have issues fitting my stuff.

I don’t fly much anymore, but I’m always aware of what general model I’m flying on (737, A300, etc…) and I usually take a gander at the safety card and see what exact variant (737-800, for example) I’m on.

I can’t say I’ve ever cared; I did have a period there where theoretically I wasn’t excited about flying in a 787 because it was brand new and involved a number of uncommon (for airliners) technologies, so I wanted it to be in service for a while to shake the kinks out before I’d fly on one. I never even had the opportunity, so I suppose it didn’t matter.

Never. They all look pretty much the same to me. 6 across and board in the front.
I don’t really remember which airlines I use either, usually just go the cheapest which puts me on Frontier, SunCountry, Spirit, or Delta.
Some people get really picky about what airline they fly and have strong opinions on them. I’m not one of them.

I try to avoid turboprops like Saab or Embraer. They usually are noisy, have poor seats, small stowage, and next-to-no attendant service. I’ll gladly take a longer layover or extra hop in a full size jet rather than a turboprop.

Unless there is only one route or time that will work, yes I will include the type of plane in what flights I’ll book. There are some that don’t have the seatback TVs, which makes a 6 hour flight incredibly boring. I always check on SeatGuru to see what they seats and layout of the plane will be.

As a (private) pilot I’m facinated by planes in general so I will notice, but I haven’t made flight decisions based on that.


I do the same thing but only for long flights so I’ve been looking at the different seating options for business class for an upcoming flight to south america and depending on plane type you can get better seat choices.

I pay attention, but as I often don’t have many options for a particular trip, it’s frequently academic.

I try to avoid the little regional jets if I can (but sometimes I have no choice); even if I have to take a regional jet, I try to get on one of the bigger ones with a 2-and-2 layout; some of the ones that United Express still uses are the 1-and-2, and those are pretty cramped.

The only booking choice I make is between a turbo-prop and a jet flying the same route. I will avoid the turbo-prop just because it is slow and noisy. Other than that, I notice what I’m flying on but I don’t usually care.

I notice but it’s irrelevant. Pretty any stowage class seat is going to be awkward at my height unless I score an aisle or exit row. I’ve been through significantly worse on military air, though. Get me where I am going in one piece with my luggage and I’ll be happy.

There are no aircraft types currently in general civil use that I wouldn’t fly on, including 737 MAX. With that said, like some others here, I tend to check SeatGuru before making my seat selection (where that’s an option; most of my flights these days are on Southwest).

My personal favorite types to ride in are the Embraer 170-190 series, but really, for a relatively short domestic hop, anything will do.

I fly Southwest almost exclusively for specific reasons, so I’m always on a 737. They don’t tell you which one. Until recently, any time I found we were on a Max, I said Nice. Best 737 ever, I thought. I had no idea.

I didn’t pay much attention before, trying to avoid DC-10s (I heard about a few disasters) and hoping to fly in a 747 (hasn’t happened yet). Now, with the 737 MAX problem…

No big deal. I actually would seek out a turboprop, as it’s so very rare for me to fly on one. In all my travels, I think I’ve only once been placed on a turboprop (out of 100-150 flights, I’m guessing. It was a flight from Budapest to Vienna to connect to a Vienna-Chicago flight.) I enjoyed it.

Otherwise, don’t give a damn. I think I’ve flown all the major Boeings from the 727 onward. Definitely at least the 727, 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777; not 100% sure on 787. Similarly, bunch of the Airbuses and the MD crafts. It’s all really the same to me. Don’t care about TVs or anything like that, as it’s all iPad/iPhone entertainment these days, anyway. Probably been about ten years since I depended on aircraft entertainment.