Do you play God Save the Queen before football matches in the UK?

What about other countries? Because I’m getting really tired of hearing national anthems before every sporting event in North America, although I can’t speak for Mexico.

In Spain, only for matches between national teams and at the medal-giving ceremonies of international events.

International matches, yes. Domestic matches, no. Except for the FA Cup final, where traditionally the national anthem and the hymn Abide With Me (first and last verses) are sung.

It was played before last saturdays FA Cup final.

I saw the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Ottawa Senators in Stockholm on one of those “opening day of the NHL, let’s play somewhere foreign” things. The only game of anything I have seen where there was three anthems: the US, Canadian and fuck it why not the Swedish one as well.

But no, as others have said it is not the done thing in the UK. The National Anthem is heard really quite rarely and people generally like to keep it that way. We also don’t really have a national day.

What were they booing at the Nou Camp before the Copa Del Rey final then.:confused:
Real Madrid fight song ?

International soccer matches, the Irish anthem is played. International rugby matches I believe the rugby anthem “Ireland’s Call” (which is a horrendous piece of music) is played. This is because it’s an All-Ireland team. I believe the Irish national anthem is also played at the GAA All-Ireland finals.

Since Real didn’t make the final and Athletic Bilbao did, I assumed it was the Basque fans booing the Spanish anthem. I think that Athletic was technically the home team.

National Rugby League matches in Canberra have dabbled with AAF from time to time, highly irritating. I assume this filtered through to the honchos, it’s a least a decade since they last tried it.

I used to stay seated whilst all around me mindlessly leapt to their feet.

The first time my son heard Oh Canada not at a hockey game, he asked why they were playing hockey music.

See, this is a stupid tradition that will never, ever go away.

I can’t imagine the reaction if say, Edmonton decided to stop playing national anthems before games. (For example.)

The only hope would be for the players’ unions in various leagues to negotiate it into a contract.

In the NHL half the players are from Canada and the other half are from the US and various European countries. Having all the players stand and respect the Canadian or US national anthem is kinda weird.

I disagree – I like it. But then, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a great singer.

And sometimes really shitty singers can be funny. (Even the PLAYERS were laughing)

God. That was hideous, and exactly why we should abolish such nonsense, just like the Lord’s Prayer was abolished in schools. (In Ontario anyway.)

School-lead prayer isn’t allowed anywhere in the U.S. – are you saying there are still places in Canada where it is? Wow.

It’s not allowed in Ontario and hasn’t been for decades, but education is a provincial jurisdiction, so I can’t speak for all of Canada.

I’m 100% certain the Lord’s Prayer (and other prayers) are gone now from public schools; I don’t have the evidence: that’s all.

Haven’t seen the match but yes, later I remembered that’s another case where it will get played. Note it doesn’t get played any time the King is in the stadium, only for the final of the King’s Cup (previously, for the final of the Generalisimo’s Cup). Still makes it something which gets played on very specific occasions, rather than any time a band or sound system is available.

Jackknifed Juggernaut, the home team was Barça, :confused: how the flying bologna sandwiches would Bilbao be the “home team” in Barça’s stadium? There’s about 600 km between San Mamés and Nou Camp, even by American standards they’re not in each other’s neighborhood.

Is it a tradition to boo it when its played.

It was a Cup final, hosted by the Nou Camp, where Barcelona were incidentally playing. It was not a home game. Home and away sides for Cup tournaments are chosen by the applicable rules and the local team might not be the “home team” for the match. This also decides who wears first colour and uses the home changing room and facilities.

This is why the 1966 WC Final had W Germany as the home team, despite it being played against and in England.

How I wish this was a World Cup summer. England v Germany is always epic.

The national anthem began to be played at baseball games in 1942 for obvious reasons.

Not in most of the country. Are you familiar with Barça’s slogan of being “more than a club”? It’s a political claim, something most people outside of Catalonia don’t realize, an identification of Barça with independentist, xenophobic catalanism (as opposed not just to “centralism” but also to other brands of catalanism). That’s the Primera stadium where the presence of any member of the royal family or the Spanish government is most likely to get booed. There’s others were they’re likely to get cheered, such as the Vicente Calderón, home of Atlético de Madrid (JCI is known as a fan).

Went to see NC symphony and they started show with US national anthem which I thought was odd. Then I was told they only do that for the first show of the season which was the one I attended.