Do you post reviews for products you buy?

Any time that I buy something, I research it online and pay careful attention to the reviews, but once I’ve decided to buy it, I move on with life and never even consider going online to rate it. I suppose I would if I really hated something…or maybe I’d just return it and move on!

Do you write reviews, and if so, what’s your motivation? Also, thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing it more, and my motivation is that places have been emailing me after my purchase to remind me to write a review :slight_smile: ( and are the most recent)

Yes. Usually if I love or hate it.

Yes, I do sometimes. I’ve written a few Amazon reviews, and I’ve rated a ton of products (books and otherwise) on Amazon. I’ve also rated some sellers on Amazon, especially when the product has been carefully packaged. I figure that since I use reviews, I should contribute now and then. I don’t always write reviews, but I do sometimes.

And I don’t just do it for Amazon. I’ve written some reviews for clothing. I love my granny panties, for instance, which are women’s boxers. I find them more comfortable than briefs, and much less likely to cause chafing in the area where the legs join the body, because they don’t have elastic binding there. So I wrote about this. And I bought a shirt that was a wonderful cut and color…but the damned thing pilled on the first washing. So I wrote about the pilling, in hopes that others would be able to avoid buying this shirt. (Roaman’s Kate Big Shirt, for those who want to know).

I’ve taken to reviewing restaurants at Eatability. The most I do at Amazon is give stars; I’ve only ever done one or two actual reviews but I do read other people’s.

I don’t much, but I feel guilty about it since I rely on others’ reviews when I make purchases. I did recently start trying to remember at my favorite store (Coldwater Creek) out of pass-it-forward gratitude. Those girls don’t mince words and their reviews are usually very helpful.

Wrote one last week, first time ever. For the PedEgg, which sucked.

If a product, restaurant, etc is extremely good or bad I will write a review. Otherwise, no.

I do so sometimes when I get a nag e-mail from the vendor asking me to.

I tend to take other online reviews with a grain of salt because the ratio of people posting to bitch vs people posting to say “Works as intended” doesn’t really reflect reality. I mainly check to make sure it’s not entirely loaded with 1 or 2 star reviews with no countering praise at all.

Definitely! There is a site that I like to browse for clothes at, but I know I’ll never buy anything, because the reviews overwhelmingly complain of poor quality. Sad.

Nope. I don’t even bother with the stars (I used to) since now more and more places won’t just take the 1-5 rating, but insist on a comment.

Any time a comment is required, I cancel notifications from the site and ban notification emails on my mail filter.

Sometimes, on Amazon. I had some trouble setting up a new printer, so I posted a description of the problems and how they were resolved. It’s getting helpful votes, so maybe it was appreciated.

I wish more of the techie reviews were from dummies like me. The geek stuff is helpful to other geeks, but it’s all Greek to me, and not helpful when deciding whether to buy something.

I was recently invited to join Amazon’s Vine program (free books and stuff, invitation only) and I’m pretty sure it was because my (negative) review for Under the Dome got a lot of comments, and about 400 helpful votes. They probably wouldn’t have noticed me otherwise – I’ve only done about 40 reviews over a period of ten years.

I wouldn’t know where to go to review other stuff, like restaurants, clothes, food, etc.

Interesting, because like the OP, I regularly check out restaurants on Yelp, and check out travel options on Tripadvisor, but I will only write a review if the place sucked. Even then, if the site makes it a pain in the ass, I won’t bother.

For example, I went scuba diving at a recommended dive shop in Bonaire that was so horrendously bad and unsafe, even by European standards, that I decided to create an account on Tripadvisor just to let the world know about it. I’m not sure whether it was the fact I was a new member or the shop objected to my review, but somehow the review was ultimately not posted. I told TripAdvisor why I posted it (i.e. I was NOT trying to get a refund or other nefarious plot), but I don’t think it ever made it up there.

I rarely read the reviews. Most of the reviews I see seem to be from people with a pet peeve that the particular product or service has touched upon. Sure, they have a valid data point but the satisfied customers don’t often post reviews. My favorite mechanic and my favorite restaurant both have like 3 reviews each, all horrible, because of some petty slight the customer thought they received.

As for posting good reviews, it’s not my job to promote these businesses I like and I’m not sure that increasing business there is in my interest. If an experience is particularly bad I might post something. So maybe I’m one of those reviewers I don’t like to read.

I figure that if I like a restaurant or store, then I want it to make money and stay in business. So I figure that it IS in my best interest to promote the ones I like.

I always do if I get it online at a place where reviews are given. Occasionally I’ll review something I bought elsewhere, if I happen to encounter a place selling them, but how often does that happen? I definitely do not go out of my way to do it. Although I am considering it if I ever encounter something that sucks so bad that warning people becomes almost a moral imperative.

Always rate it IF it’s not properly rated online already. I’d never rate the Probiotics I buy on Amazon because they have a bajillion positive reviews and I feel positive about them too. But I rate things that 1) don’t have many reviews or 2) don’t have recent reviews or 3) don’t have reviews I agree with (eg I want to give it a negative review and it doesn’t have a negative review or 4) the object has changed recently (black Mirado Warrior pencils now made in Mexico not the US and the quality is horrible).