Do you primarily read fiction, non-fiction, both, or neither?

Poll to come (for you early birds out there-you know who you are). Me, I’ve become increasingly disenchanted with most forms of fiction over the past 20 years, as I’ve tried a number of fantasy and SF books/series that people have been talking about, only to find most of them trite, deriviative, or simply boring. I still read tons of nonfiction however.


Probably 95% non-fiction.

There’s enough fascinating stuff in the real world that I don’t feel any great need to read inventions.

Exceptions: Anything by Pratchett or Gaiman or both.

I read on a rotating fiction then factual basis, last book I finished was ‘The Last Colony’ by John Scalzi (probably my favourite ‘new’ sci-fi author, its such a pleasure to read a book with likable characters and a sense of fun, most recent British sci-fi authors I’m looking at you) and last non-fiction was ‘The IRA and Armed Struggle’ by Rogelio Alonso (not exactly light reading but very interesting and one of the best books demythologising the Proviosional IRA’s campaign that I’ve read).

I probably read more fiction than non, but I’m not picky. Last book I read was ‘Misquoting Jesus’, previous one was ‘Small Gods’.

I’m not quite sure how to answer. I went through a lengthy phase (like, years) of reading mostly non-fiction with the very occasional Terry Pratchett or Neal Stephenson book thrown into the mix.

But in the past several months, I’ve started reading a lot more fiction again. Mostly hard sci-fi, although some other stuff too. Right now, fiction is about 90% of my total reading, compared to last year when nonfiction was the same percentage. So I guess I just go in phases.

I’d put myself about 75% non-fiction and 25% fiction.

I’ve read thousands of novels over the years and I’m now in the group who has nearly abandoned them for nonfiction. I’ll still pick up an old mystery for a quick read now and then but I’m probably at 99% nonfiction. I’m still trying to figure out exactly why. It may be that all the good plots are taken; it may be that it took me 50 years to get to the point where all the threads of nonfiction have started to weave into a giant tapestry that’s better than any attempt at reality. It surprises me nevertheless.

I read about 90% fiction. The other 10% are almost all books about writing and/or the supernatural-paranormal, particularly New England based (I don’t know why the latter are considered non-fiction. Ask Dewey). On rare occasions I’ll read a biography or an instructional sort of book.

I swing back and forth. I’m currently coming off a non-fiction kick - I just couldn’t get more than a few pages into any fiction books I picked up, so I stopped trying for a while.

I was once a virtually 100% non-fiction reader, but once I got done with school and had more time for discretionary reading, I made an effort to read more fiction. As of late, I’ve actually been sticking to a semi-rigid schedule of reading 2 non-fiction then 2 fiction books (with fiction further subdivided vaguely into “high highfalutin’ literature” and “popular”) which seems to be working pretty well with my wandering interests.

I think a lot of it is that I’ve gotten a lot better at choosing good fiction. With non-fiction, even if it’s poorly written, I usually feel like I learned something. I was exposed to a lot of bad (or at least personally uninteresting) fiction during my formative reading years, but with so many good resources available now (not the least of which being book recommendation threads here), it’s a lot easier to find fiction that doesn’t leave me feeling like I wasted my time.

Maybe close to 50/50, if you count those disposable potboilers that I pick up at Goodwill and often never bother finishing (plucky submarine commander has the newest state-of-the-art boat and is the only man who in position to stop World War Three? Yes, please!), but much more non-fiction has been holding my attention over the past ten years or so.

If it doesn’t make me laugh at some point, meh.

I consider humor writers fiction. So mostly fiction.

I swing back and forth. Sometimes I’ll read almost nothing but fiction for a while, and then I’ll want non-fiction. And a lot of times, I’ll get into an author or subject and concentrate on reading everything by that author, or researching that subject. And sometimes I’ll concentrate on a genre…my usual fiction is fantasy/science fiction, but I also like mysteries, and I might read only mysteries for a while.

It also depends on what’s available. If I’m in the mood for fantasy, but the only stuff available is bad paranormal romance (sparkling vampires and alpha werewolves), then I grumble and try to find something else. ANYTHING else.

I also go in cycles. I’ve been reading Victorian fiction recently, but I’ll probably get tired of that pretty soon.

Fiction by choice, non-fiction because of school!

I’m about 70/30, I’d guess.

Probably 85% fiction, with some nonfic thrown in. Most nonfic styles I don’t like, so I am very picky.

At any given point in time, I’m usually in the middle of two books: one fiction and one non-fiction.

Of the 30 books I’ve read this year, eight have been non-fiction (I’m counting the Laura Ingalls Wilder series I just re-read as fiction, though they’re on some kind of weird line in between). I used to read almost no non-fiction but that has changed in the past five years or so.

70% fiction, 30% non-fiction. Currently reading a large non-fiction book and a long novel and some short stories.