Do you put the tip on credit card or leave cash?

When I eat out I always pay with credit card. The card gives a larger pay back when used for restaurants. However, I never include the tip on the card. I prefer to leave cash. The waitstaff has better access to their money, and seem to prefer this method. How about you folks?

I leave cash when I can and when the tip isn’t more than about $10 - a small courtesy to the waiter and establishment in several ways.

Goes on the card if I don’t have cash or it’s more than that.

Credit card. If I had cash in my pocket I’d pay for the whole thing with cash to begin with.

I would have assumed the tip would instantly be removed from the till, or at least at the end of the shift.

I’m sure we have some ex-wait staff here who can explain the process.

I always leave tips in cash. The waiters prefer it that way since it makes it harder to track tips for tax purposes and I’ve even heard some restaurants take a cut of CC tips.
I always have small bills in my purse for tipping even though I pay most things with credit cards.

I put it all on my card. I rarely carry cash anymore and almost never enough to cover the tip.

Cash always. I figure it’s the only way to guarantee the waitperson gets the money.

On the credit/debit card. Pretty rare that I have cash on me.

If I’m paying for a meal with a Credit Card, that’s how I’m tipping as well.

I’d love to hear some waitpersons chime in here, but I think the idea that you’re doing them some huge favor by tipping in cash is overstated.

I put it all on the card. I understand the reasons for giving cash, but I usually keep minimal cash on me, just enough for emergencies, and I don’t want to be giving that out to all and sundry.

I always try to make sure I have cash for the tip. Some places will ask if you need cash back for the tip when you’re paying (although I guess you need to be using a debit card with PIN to do that). And, it’s mostly places like Ryan’s where you pay first. I never go anywhere classy so YMMV.

Cash always.

Long time server, both work, cash is always appreciated! As long as you’re tipping, you’re doing it right!

A lot of places make servers wait and get their tips , once a week, paid by cheque. That’s shitty for the server. It is also not uncommon for the house to shave a small percentage off the top of total gratuities. Sometimes to compensate kitchen staff, etc. This is also shitty for the server.

Cash is always welcome, debit and credit cards, also good. Don’t sweat it!

I give Cash tips.

I’d worry that the tip might not get added to my cc correctly. A extra zero makes a big difference.

Yeah, helping someone fudge their taxes isn’t a strong motivator for me to change my behavior. I almost never have cash so everything goes on the card.

I almost never carry any cash. If you want a tip it’s going to be on a credit card. Sorry.

Card because its easier for me

Yeah, seriously. Why do people consider it laudable to help servers not pay taxes?

We were at a Chinese banquet some months ago. It had about 30 people and ended up being fairly expensive. At the end, the person who hosted it was dickering with the owner, and everyone paid in cash.

My friend told me they paid in cash so they wouldn’t have to pay taxes. And then the restaurant wouldn’t in turn have to pay taxes to the government.

I’m not sure how this was all going to happen. Were they just not going to report the income to the government? Were they going to report it as substantially less?

Anyway this is pretty much the M.O. for Chinese restaurants in the City.

OK, here is my deal. I’m kind of sensitive, but here is what I do.

When I go up to pay at the local Mexican restaurant, the cashier always gives me the receipt to sign and add tip. Thing is, I always put the tip on the table. I feel bad writing “$0.00” or whatever on the tip line of the receipt, though.

So I write, “On Table” on the receipt. That way the cashier doesn’t look down and think, “Oh…cheapo.”

Is that a custom or did I make it up?