Do you put the tip on credit card or leave cash?

Writing “CASH” in the tip line is the custom that I’m aware of.

I rarely carry cash - everything goes on the card. If I knew of a place where the boss pocketed charged tips, I wouldn’t patronize the place. Frankly, I’d rather the system changed so servers were paid a decent wage and the menu prices were altered accordingly. But I don’t expect to see that in my lifetime…

Cash. In the UK, employers are allowed to keep the tips themselves, and many do. I prefer the money to go to actual staff.

I used to tip in cash, until i started using the tip as a checksum as well.

I figure out how much tip i want to leave, then adjust the cents (upwards), until it sums up to a palindrome.
$58.39 dollar dinner for two.

I’d start with a base tip of $9.

So, $67.39

Then another 37cents to complete my palindrome.

So on my CC statement ii should see $67.76.

Credit care unless I’m paying cash for the meal.

I was going to say this. My waiter friends say that they pull CC tips out of the register at the end of the night, or at least once a week, so it’s not like there’s any great benefit to having the cash immediately unless they’re a junkie. That means the only benefit to leaving a cash tip is so that the waiter doesn’t have to report it to either management (if the restaurant takes a cut for the kitchen staff or for overhead), or the government, or the credit card company.

But the government needs tax revenue, and the kitchen staff needs spending money, and the credit card company arguably performs the valuable service of allowing me to rarely carry cash. If it really troubles you that your 20% tip might only end up being 16.5% after fees and taxes are taken out, then just tip a little extra and be done with it, rather than trying to selectively scam various entities out of their entitled share.