Do you read while walking?

I’ve seen this a lot in the past couple of weeks. I’ll see people walking down a sidewalk or through a parking lot or whatever, reading a novel. That just seems odd to me. For one thing, the book would jiggle, making it hard to read. For another, I wouldn’t be able to see what I’m about to step in or trip over. I think I tried it once, but found it to be suboptimal for enjoying the reading experience.

So do you do it?

Yes, whenever I have a book to hand. I don’t find it difficult, barring a high wind. And it keeps me from being bored out of my mind. And a local library happens to be within fairly reasonable walking distance; so I can save on gas and get a little exercise while returning and getting books.

I’ve tried it a couple times when I forgot to bring my headphones. The book did indeed jiggle, and while I didn’t have too much trouble navigating, (you really don’t need to look at the ground much to walk) I did find trying to focus through the jiggle distracting to the point of just silly. So I don’t do it. Now, if I forget my headphones, instead of digging through my bag for a book, I practice just being alone with my thoughts. Borrrrringgg.

I did a lot when I was younger. Now I need glasses and it is not quite so easy.

Oh. I… um… I thought it read “Do you read while wanking?”

Well, I don’t. Or the other. Wait, what?

That ain’t nothing…I’ve seen people driving down the highway reading novels proped up on their steering wheels.

All the time. I’m usually walking to or from work when I do so, so it’s a familiar route.

(emphasis added) This is something I truly don’t understand. Not meaning to jump on you, particularly, but I don’t understand why so many people seem to need constant distraction from the outside world. Is it so horrible where you live, that you have to pretend it’s not there?

I used to spend some time with a person who liked to draw, and it was an education. Walking down a street I had been down a hundred times before, he pointed out several interesting things on buildings that I had never noticed before, mostly above eye level. In effect, he was teaching me how to see. There is much wonderful and interesting stuff out there.

I love to read, but I don’t do it while walking. And I think people who do are a hazard to other walkers.

No or I’d be killed.

Only when I’m bemoaning what a poor provincial town I’m living in.

I can’t read books while walking. Tried unsuccessfully.

Is walking so intense and extreme that we need both sets of eyeballs from both walkers on a path to avoid a collision?

Sure, plenty of times. It hasn’t killed me yet…

Yep, any time I have to walk more than 10 minutes and I’m by myself. Only on a sidewalk though.
Yes, the outside world is boring. I’ve seen the cars. I’ve seen the stores. I’ve seen the sky. Unless something spectacular happens, it can be very boring, especially if walking the same route over and over (when I was in PT last year and had to walk 2.5 miles there and 2.5 miles back 2-3 times a week for 3 months. It got very dull.
It helps to not be prone to motion sickness. It also helps to have good peripheral vision (to be able to avoid obstacles, curbs, people).

Well, no, but I’m always a little annoyed by people who almost walk in to me b/c they’re checking a Blackberry or cell phone. I do step out of the way but it would be nice of other people made the effort.

In other words, do you (Nzinga) think it’s ok to make it the other person’s sole responsibility to avoid a collision, so that you can continue to read uninterrupted?

i’m sure it helps that the crowd of townspeople gather behind you to sing you toward your destinations.
I used to when I was younger, but I’m clumsy enough that I can walk into and trip over things when I’m paying attention. Walking and reading was dangerous.

It’s funny you should say that. I am horribly clumsy but I actually trip myself with my own feet far less when I’m reading.

Sure. Big deal. I don’t mind one whit stepping out of the way of someone absorbed in a book. Who the hell cares. It takes about a sand’s grain of effort.

What if two people reading books or Blackberries are walking in opposite directions down a path, though?