Do you really think I am that stupid?

Some jerk called at work tonight asking me to transfer him to the operator. He was claiming to work for( get this ) The Phone Company! According to him he was testing the peaks using frequencys. So I put him on hold till he hung up. He kept calling back, and I was trying to get his number, but he must have had Caller ID blocked. I wanted to play with him, and acted stupid everytime. My co worker told him to piss off, and he hasn’t called back. Has this happened to you?

Where (what type of company) do you work?

No, I’ve never had this ever happen to me. [hijack] But, where I used to work, the phone system had 12 lines, and the numbers for each of the lines were in numerical order. We’d get telemarketers calling every single line. Aaack. [/hijack]

Why did this send up such a red flag? What could he gain by talking to the operator?

Was he a recruiter or something?

This sounds very much like the Prison Phone Scam.

We periodically got warnings about this sort of scam when I was in the military. If you were stationed overseas (or even stateside), you could call another base using the military phone system, and have the person transfer you to an outside line. If you knew the caller, no big deal. If you didn’t you gave them the number of the base operator (not “0”) and they would determine if that person was authorized to call off base.

You were authorized if you had a control number (issued by the base you were calling from, in the case of official business). The base operator could contact the issuing agency to confirm you had a valid control number. If you didn’t, and were calling from a military phone, you were screwed (almost, but not quite literally).