Do you recall any specific ad/brand you have seen online today?


I’m doing research for an article I want to write.

More later, if it works out that way.

Saw an ad for Capital One. That’s the only one I remember, out of dozens I’m sure. I remember that one because I am a customer of theirs and so they are wasting their time advertising to me.

Ummm … yes.

I don’t remember seeing anything and I’ve been online much of the day. I must say, however, many people in advertising are of the opinion that our brains pick up more advertising messages than we’re really aware of. Not particularly noticing an ad, reading it or paying attention to it might not mean it had no effect on me.

One for Quaker Oats, which was memorable because it was extremely annoyingly placed so I would accidentally click it, and then it never ended. So that is one out of I’m sure a bunch, because I’ve been doing a lot of online research today.

No. I have Adblock Plus installed.

Yes, I’m enjoying the k900 KIA ad with Laurence Fishburne singing.

Yes. My husband and I are a two-person electronics company. We discussed last night’s Radio Shack commercial over a business lunch. I watched it for the first time online this morning–I must have been putting our daughter to bed when it aired last night.

I have noticed that ads for Wacoal bras have popped up all over the sites I have been visiting. At first I thought they were porn ads (lots of women in bras) and wondered why because I never get porn ads when surfing. Then I realized it was because I ordered a Wacoal bra online yesterday.

Yes, but in a negative way. An ad loads at the side of my Solitaire site that slows the place to a crawl if it is one particular product.

No. I’m actively trying to remember any ads which may have appeared on the pages I’ve visited (which is not something I’d ordinarily do) but cannot.

I voted “no” because I can’t recall any ads from surfing, but I guess technically it should have been “yes,” because I watched some Superbowl ads today. Do I remember what they were? One was for Budweiser, one was for Windows, and one was for RadioShack. That one was good. :slight_smile:


I Know I’m reviving a semi-zombie here, but it’s my zombie, and I had to add this humorous aside …

I participated in some market research today. They showed us an ad, and then the first thing they asked us was, “Do you remember who this ad was for?” Ha ha ha.

But in fact I don’t think the notion here, regarding online ads, applies to commercials you see when you are watching television.

My point is pretty much that, like the picture on the back of a twenty dollar bill, things that you see all the time and don’t really care about, your eyes learn to just screen out and not register consciously.

Actually, the reason I didn’t revisit my thread here before is that it occurred to me that it might be somewhat indelicate to have this discussion on an ad-sponsored site. But I will say that I think if advertisers really want to be effective — they should abandon the whole idea of ubiquity and go for impact.