Do you recommend The Wizard Knight by Gene Wolfe? (no spoilers)

I near the end of the Book of the New Sun. After this, I will read Urth of the New Sun and then a few Discworld books and maybe even a Brandon Sanderson novel.

Anyway, I am considering reading The Wizard Knight some time this summer.

I was also considering reading the Book of the Long Sun or Short Sun, but neither have full audiobooks that I can find and I alternate between reading and audiobook listening.

Thoughts on The Wizard Knight?
Does anyone know where to get audiobooks of the Books of Long Sun and Short Sun?


I guess I’m going to be “that guy” and bump my post once. If it drops like a rock again, I’ll take that as a sign of sorts.

Yes. A million times yes. I love The Wizard Knight books.

Another yes from me, but every Wolfe book I’ve read has been good IMHO.

There’s been a couple here and there I’ve not been able to enjoy that much. For me, his worst book was “On Blue’s Waters”. I slogged through it so I could read the whole series but I didn’t enjoy it.

Another recommendation once you’re done with The Wizard Knight is “The Sorceror’s House”. I adore that book. In fact, now that I mention it, I think I might read it again.

Is there an audiobook?

I’m not able to find one. :frowning: