Do you refrain from watching TV series until they're in reruns?

A few years ago, I got really, really tired of getting involved in new TV shows only to have the rug pulled out from under me when they got cancelled after a few eps. So now I tend not to watch shows until they’re in syndicated repeats. Sure, it puts me at a disadvantage at the office water cooler, but it keeps my heart from getting broken time after time. Also, I secretly think it helps the shows succeed because I swear that I’m a gremlin, a harbinger of low ratings - all I have to do is TIVO a new show and WHAM! it’s yanked.

Does anyone else do this? Not watch until it’s on TBS five nights a week?

No, I can’t say I do that. Re-runs on TV are too unreliable. You can never be absolutely certain they’ll show it in order, IME. I remember trying to watch Third Watch in re-runs and I got really sick of seeing the same six-eight episodes over and over again for a couple years because I guess, the network showing it couldn’t afford more.

I do increasingly wait for shows to come out on DVD though, which is close to the same thing.