Do YOU remember the twenty-first night of September?

I know I’m displaying shocking amounts of ignorance here, but…whatever did happen on the twenty-first of September that was worthy of such a funkadelic immortalization in song?

Inquiring minds want to know!

(Please tell me it’s not just because “remember” and “September” rhyme…)

It took me a second to figure out that you were referring to the great Earth, Wind, & Fire song, “September”.

My guess is it’s just a rhyming thing.

A better question is if you remember, remember the fifth of November.

Wha?! I thought it was “Do you remember what it was like in September,” but Google says no. Well, I’ll be…

As for your question: fall equinox? The songwriter’s anniversary?

I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!



No no–

It was the third of September,
That day I’ll always remember (yes, I will)
Cause that was the day that my daddy died.

Several things happened.

Walloon, thanks for the link, but that’s the twenty-third…I like the twenty-first better, on the whole.

What about late December, back in '63? What a very special time for me.


What a night?

Deep in December it’s nice to remember the fire of September that made us mellow.
Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow.

follow follow follow follow follow

I told you way back in '52

Well, personally, I didn’t get my first real six-string 'til the summer of '69.

Yeah, and I heard you on my wireless back in '52, as well.

Well, in '69 I was twenty-one, and I called the road my own.

Well, I’m preoccupied with 1985.

Mmm. When I was twenty-one, it was a very good year. Especially for city girls who lived up the stair.

Well, 21st Sept is the usual date for the Autumn Equinox (though it’s been on the 22nd or 23rd before).