Do you remove dealership branding from a car you've purchased?

I’m old and I’ve bought more than a few cars in my life. After I return home with my new (or used, but new to me) car, I remove the various things that identify the dealership where I bought the car. This usually includes:
[li]Dealer nameplate or decal on the trunk lid[/li][li]Huge decal stuck on the top of the rear window[/li][li]Front and rear license plate frames[/li][/ol]
However, every day I see cars that still have all that stuff attached. Today I saw a car that had an enormous “Joe Blow Toyota” [not the real name] decal on the rear window, and the letters were starting to peel and flake off. Do people not realize that you can remove that junk? Do they just not care? Does it give them a warm fuzzy feeling to provide free advertising for the dealership?

I remember discussing this with a friend, who told me that she left that stuff on because she was PROUD to be a customer of Some Doofus Buick [again, not the real name]. I want to believe that she’s an outlier. Tell me you take all that junk off!

I tell them I don’t want any advertising on the car, and make them write it on the contract. Then, when they put it on anyway, I make them take it off.

It’s gone. I hadn’t thought of Riemann’s route, but unless they give me the car for free, I’m not carrying their advertising around on it.

My dad went ballistic at one dealer. He had specified he didn’t want their nameplate on the trunk lid.

I can’t recall ever seeing my dad that mad. They had drilled holes to attach it. He insisted their body shop fill the holes and touch up the paint.

I try to remove stickers. Anything screwed on stays.

I remove license plate frames. If I ever saw window decals, I would remove those, too. But stuff on the metal looks like it would cause more damage than it is worth it to remove, so I let them ride.

Once I went to pick up a car after some service, and they had *added *a license plate frame with their name. I made them take it off.

All advertising gets trashed. I have custom plate frames and the local dealerships don’t put plaques on vehicles.

Yes, I recall that when I was younger, dealer nameplates were generally solid metal and were attached to the car with bolts or screws. I’d certainly be inclined to leave those alone.

Fortunately, on the cars I’ve owned in the last couple of decades, the dealer nameplates were metallic-looking plastic and attached with adhesive. I’ve been able to get those off without any damage to the paint.

I’ve only ever had cars with license plate frames with the dealer name. No stickers or anything like that. Easy enough to remove, which I always do.

All of it comes off right away. I don’t like stickers of any kind on my car, and I have my own sportsball-related license plate frames. No room for any dealership nonsense.

I take off the license plate frames, altho I have one on the front of one of the cars, since the plate itself is damaged and has a sharp edge - the frame ensures I don’t catch my leg on that sharp edge when I walk by every day, and I don’t feel like purchasing a neutral one.

Decals or stickers are removed the when we get home from the dealer. I don’t feel the need to advertise for any dealerships.

I have to wonder about the bolted-on plates people are referring to - is that a regional thing? Out west I don’t see them very often, and dealers do not seem to add them in CA. But when I do see them, they are always for some dealership in the east or mid-west.

I’m not being snarky but I’m just wondering if all of you who take off the advertising are as diligent about not wearing any clothes or shoes or socks with logos advertising the brand. And what about the advertisement for the make of car? Do those stay?

I would have insisted on a new car, not a repaired one… They don’t do that over here, thankfully. I’d go absolutely ballistic if any dealer wrecked my new car like that.
My answer to the OP was going to be “yes” but I remembered that I never got around to taking a sticker off the back window on my previous car. I think I tried to lift a corner and it was stuck on like glue, and I couldn’t be bothered trying to get the adhesive off the window so I ended up leaving it there. My new car only had the plastic numberplate surrounds and I did take those off.
If any business wants me to act as a spruiker for their business they can ask, and they can pay me. Otherwise, don’t stick your rubbish on MY stuff.

You can choose whether to buy those clothes, but it’s not the same thing. It’s as if you bought a Lacoste (or whatever) shirt with the logo, and they took it out the back and embroidered “bought at Macey’s (or wherever)” on it… No, just no. All of the manufacturers’ branding comes with the car, you know that when you buy it. The vendor emblazoning their rubbish on it, no, just no.

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I’m not sure I’m the target of your question, since my removal of stickers is more about having stickers on the car. But I do think there’s a difference between wearing socks that have a Nike logo on them versus wearing socks with a “Target” or “Kohl’s” tag prominently displayed on them. The brand is fine; where I got them really isn’t.

I’m having a hard time thinking of any example of something I wear or carry that prominently displays the store I purchased it from.

Removing external dealer names & logos is called “debadging.” I always have the dealer do it, as there may be some paint damage to repair and that’s their job, not mine. If you order a car that’s not in inventory already, just tell the dealer to NOT add that stuff, and the dealer prep will be even easier for them.

It’s not the same thing - do you walk around with the Kohl’s or Target tag still attached? It’s not the brand that’s the issue, it’s the store name.

Why is advertising a brand ok and advertising a seller not ok? I seriously do not understand that.

We set out to buy a Honda Accord EX-L or an Audi Q4 or a Ford F-150 and are quite comfortable with the branding; but it is only incidentally, because of distance or financing terms, that we happen to get it from Bill Hell’s Motors so we don’t care much for them.

I have at times in the past left on the branded license plate holder, but only because upon noticing it was a PITA to remove I figured, well, that should slow down someone trying to steal the plate. My last few cars have not come with dealer nameplates but either clean or a mere decal that was trivial to remove.

snowthx, it used to be more common, back in the day. Now not so much; as mentioned today when they use those they’re usually really stick-ons.

It’s not ok because it is imposed on the buyers. How would you feel if I came over to your house and put up a banner advertising a business strung up on your front porch? It’s not what’s being advertised, it’s the imposition of that advertising on other people to do it for you without asking if they want to.

I take all the dealership shit (dealershit?) off my car. I don’t wear clothes with brand names on them. I hate advertising, and I don’t want to be any more a party to it than I have to be.