Do you see a need to move on to Window Vista?

Microsoft has unveiled there next attempt at the domination of the world’s OS systems - Window Vista (formerly fondly known as Longhorn). You can find the promotional and unhelpful ranting at their website

Also. the internet is rife with speculations about Window Vista. Of course, there’s the holy grail of the music and move industries – the prevention of ripping music and movies and things that would make gamers drool, such as every surface being a 3d window, so you can rotate, transform and zoom into every single window, including the generic Notepad and Calculator.

There of course the generic upgrades to networking, security and etc…

Do you see a need to change from XP to Vista? Granted, Vista is a 64-bit OS (there’s a 32-bit verison as well), but I am currently happy with XP for my office work and Internet connection. And I wonder if game companies would forget about all the XP people and just release games for Vista alone.

What do you think?

XP is bloated enough as it is.

They say it’s faster and more reliable. I could use both. They were right about Windows XP.

I’ll probably upgrade.

I have a Windows 98 machine I use for some apps. I have an XP machine I use for others (which was Windows 2000 up until 4 months ago).

I don’t see myself rushing out for Vista anytime soon.

A need? Probably not for me. Will i switch? Very likely.

I’m not too excited about it, but I’ll probably get it eventually.

I imagine I’ll be forced to get it at some point. There will come a time when it’s more beneficial to switch to a new OS because of requirements on new software and games. I held out on Windows 98SE for those same reasons, but I was actually glad when I switched. I have had very little problems with Windows XP whereas I’d get the occasional Blue Screen of Death and plenty of other random errors on 98SE. Despite my reservations, Windows XP turned out to be a very stable OS and quite a workhorse.

I don’t see any reason to upgrade at this time, as Windows XP is running nicely and quite stable.
Upgrading usually only forces you to buy a completely new PC to get it to run at a decent speed, so I will skip this version.
XP does everything I need it to do, so why should I upgrade?

I see no need to upgrade. The only reason I went to XP was because I was building a new system. If the day comes where I have to reinstall the OS, then I’ll change to the new version. XP has been so good to me though, that I don’t see that happening unless my hardware breaks.

Are system requirements out yet? Did not see any at the Microsoft page.

From the beta page from MS (, it seems that you need 512mb RAM, a decent graphics card and a modern Intel/AMD computer. Not very helpful.

There are some rumours spreading in other boards that you’ll need a 64-bit CPU and a gigabyte of RAM and a high-end graphics card for Vista. I’ll take with a gigantic pillar of salt though.

      • Heh, I just tried to fix a computer a few days ago that had a cracked copy of XP Pro on it. The computer was a P-III 400Mhz with 96 megs of RAM. It didn’t run, it walked.
  • I’ll probably upgrade eventually, just because newer software will work better with it, but will wait until the new OS has been out at least a year. Heck, I built a PC in 2002 and paid for a OEM copy of Win98 to put on it.

…Speaking of which, I recently reformatted+reinstalled an old PC as a loaner for someone and am again amazed at how fast Win98 runs. The PC is a P-II 350Mhz with 320 megs of RAM and a 5400RPM 2Mb drive typical for the time–so it has a lot of RAM but otherwise it’s nothing special. When you click on a program icon, the program basically starts before you can lift your finger off the mouse button. Programs simply start up nearly instantly. With Linux (installed on that same machine) and even WinXP (on other newer+faster machines) there’s this certain amount of “hard disk business” that seems to need to occur before they can do anything. It’s probably not really more than two seconds or so but it creates a perception that you are constantly waiting for your computer to work. (I never had a ME machine so I dunno how they work)

…And the code for the last few MS OS’s is supposed to be something like 85% the same. That’s why they can make the all-in-one installer CD’s with all the OS’s on them. I dunno what they did to it after Win98 but I sure hope they undo it next time around.

I want it! Only because it’s new and spiffy. In reality, I’ll probably just end up waiting till I get a new PC. I don’t think I’ll wanna bother upgrading this one. A need for it? I don’t think so. But I want it!

Is there a setting so that IE widows will open maximized? Otherwise forget it.

Actually I’m with the crowd that says I don’t need it, but I’ll probably get it, especially if I do any major renevations on my computer.

Oh, hell no, I don’t need it. But needing things is not what being a geek is all about, now, is it?

Am I the only one who thinks “Longhorn” was a more interesting name than the generic and boring “Vista”?

I’ll probably wait for Vista VXC Service Pack 3. It should be working by then.

The thing is, XP is really, really reliable for me. Sure I am a programmer, somewhat of a geek, but I am really happy with XP. Until Vista-only software starts turning up, I think I will switch, and only if I need those software badly.

There have been some complaints that Vista lifted its looks and feel from Tiger. Can anyone smell a lawsuit coming?

Googling ‘vista’ makes me suspect a lot of small-time software companies are in for a tough time with the lawyers. Even is taken.
Second thoughts…Microsoft are probably using this name as a bluff, with another one that will become the final name of the product.

I will hold off on any upgrades until at least service pack 1.
I think the best rule of thumb with PC’s is the ancient concept of
“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”
I run a mix of XP and 98 machines on my home network and XP & 2000 at work.
I don’t see any urgency to upgrade any of these machines to Vista.

Vista will not offer a lot initially. If I was buying a new 64 bit PC once Vista was out, I would go ahead and get it.