Do you store rubber bands on doorknobs?

Silly, I know.

Mom used to do this, and as kids, we made the face about how weird Mom is.

Now I do it. It’s just a handy place to put them, so I can grab them quickly.

Anyone else?

I used to, until I got a cat who loves rubber bands and, if she sees them, will put herself into danger to get at them.

Now, I keep them in a Ziploc bag.

Kitchen. Junk drawer.

Yep. In an Altoids tin.

Door handles, absolutely.

I haven’t seen a rubber band in many many years.

When we took a newspaper, and it had a rubber band around it, yes, I’d put the rubber bands on doorknobs. When I had to start BUYING rubber bands because the paper came in a plastic sleeve, I kept the rubber bands in a container in my desk.

The red rubber bands from the newspaper go on the doorknob on the outside of the pantry door. The blue ones from asparagus go on the inside doorknob. The big thick tan ones we bought for the church newsletter mailings are in a bag in the junk drawer. At work, the big huge rubber bands we use for bundling customer orders hang from a hook near the pickup station (there are no doorknobs anywhere or else we’d use one!) and the fancy split Martha Stewart ones are in the tool drawer with the regular rubber bands.

Yep. Along with scissors, keys whose female counterparts are forgotten, binder clips (?), dead batteries, and odd pieces of string.

“Junk drawer” is an earned title.:smiley:

Never, ever heard of the rubber band on doorknob thing. In our house, M’husband adds acquired rubber bands to a ball of rubber bands in his desk drawer.

Like nearwildheaven, we also have a cat with a rubber fetish and he will stand on the desk with his neck twisted to get his muzzle into that drawer so he can hyperventilate on the rubber smell.

But for the junk drawer, could I interest you in a word that could do with reviving?
Culch - junk or refuse. I know the second (or third - depends on how much useful stuff you have in your kitchen drawers) drawer down as the culch drawer. It is the one where you keep odd keys, string, utensils you really mean to get rid of, odd zip-lock bags. Culch in other words.

I plead guilty. Until I got disgusted that there were about 100 on the door knob and I threw them all out. Of course, just after that , what did I need?
Guano Lad, doesn’t the postman use them when they deliver multiple letters? That’s where I got all mine from.

Rubber bands go in the junk drawer in the kitchen or the top drawer of my desk, whichever is closer. Hairbands (which is what I first thought of when I saw the thread) go on doorknobs or the bedpost, so one will always be handy.

Heck, y’all, at least I didn’t call them “gum bands” which is what we used to call them in the Burgh! :slight_smile:

My parents used to do this on the back door knob, with the added fillip that they would wrap them around rather than just hanging them. Eventually it got to where the door couldn’t be opened, at which point it was discovered that the innermost ones had solidified (vulcanized?). It took a couple of hours to carve the mess off — at one stage I believe chisels and/or explosives were under consideration — and after that they were consigned to the junk drawer.

Not anymore, thanks to the cats, but I have a lifetime supply of hair band wrapped around my gear shifter in my Vee-hickle. never know when the need will come up!

I don’t do that, but it’s a good idea. I used to keep hair ties on the stickshift of my car. Turns out after about 4 or 5 years those things aren’t stretchy anymore.

ETA: Weird coincidental ninja

I keep some on my door lock, which is a smooth steel cylinder. The makers didn’t think to add knurling or something, so I use them to add friction.

Turn-signal, shift-lever, wiper-controller, whatever is sticking out from the steering column. Picked it up from my grandfather, who may have developed the habit as a letter carrier.

I don’t really save rubber bands, there might be an odd couple languishing in the kitchen junk drawer but I can’t remember the last time I needed one.

Hair bands dangle from the drawer pulls on the bathroom vanities, not tightly so they won’t lose their elasticity. Plus a few dangling from the gear shift of each vehicle, of course.

I save the rubber bands that come on veggies. I made them into a ball. It sits on my kitchen windowsill.