Do you strangle your tea bag?

Since ‘tea bag’ has at least one other connotation of which I’m aware, no, this isn’t something kinky. OK, a little kinky - if you’re English. :wink:

What I mean is, you’re tea is finished brewing, you go to take the bag out. Do you:

a) dump it some place either with or without trying to squeeze out some excess fluid, or

b) fish it out with your spoon, wrap the cord around the spoon and and tea bag like a ligature and use it to squish out the excess water.

If (b) doesn’t make any sense, then your answer to the poll will be no.

If I’m using a tea bag in a cup, I just give it a light pat against the side of the cup so it doesn’t dribble all over.

Otherwise, it’s loose leaves, a pot and strainer, with no squishing at all.

He’ll no!!

And I prefer loose tea in a strainer, actually.

I usually brew with loose tea, but I don’t wring the bitterness out of a tea bag when I do use one.

I don’t strangle it. I just take it out back and shoot it.

The obligatory can’t-get-a-straight-answer-on-the-Dope-answer: It depends.

If we’re talking about tea tea that I’m drinking as a beverage, then usually not, 'cause I don’t want the bitter flavor. If it’s for a belly ache or topical use to bring down swelling, I want the extra tannins that come out when I strangle the teabag.

Herbal “teas” (really, infusions, but everyone calls them teas and I stopped fighting that fight years ago) depend on the herb and what chemical constituents I want in the cup. Bitter alkaloids and tannins tend to wait until a long steep or a squeeze to extract, so if I want those properties, I squeeze. If the medicine is supposed to taste like crap, squeeze it. If it’s supposed to be pleasant tasting and mild, don’t squeeze it.

(This is true even when I use a teaball or loose tea in a strainer.)

I don’t take the bag out until the cup is empty, and I dump the old bag in the trash before putting in a new bag for the next cup.

Speaking of which, I need more tea :slight_smile:

I pretend it’s a woman being bound to railroad tracks.

I think of it as garroting, which is similar to strangling, but not the same.

WhyNot, I learned the word “tisane” as an alternative to tea when it’s herbal.

My cuppas are made with loose tea in a strainer. No strangling or squeezing.

When I make iced tea (Arnold Palmer in a pitcher, lately), my obsession with precise measurements comes out and I am compelled to get as much of the liquid that is trying to escape in the tea bags out by smooshing them up against the side of the pitcher. If I were making straight iced tea, this would be less of a thing as it wouldn’t be like I could screw up the ratio.

That’s a good point. I do get points for ‘ligature’ though right? :wink:

I’m another loose-tea-strainer person, but when I use a tea bag I strangle. Often times I will leave it in though, and resteep a second cup before I strangle.


I used to, before I found out about the bitterness.

When I’m using a teabag, which was the question, I don’t beat or strangle it. I just leave it in the cup with the tag hanging over the edge, then throw it away when I’m done.

When my tea is at the strength I like, I just take it out, no squeezing. Squeezing makes it a bit stronger and bitter with the extra tannins. (This is assuming black tea.)

Ewwww. . .you beat off into your tea???:eek:

I don’t know about the bitterness!

That’s becasue you’re a poor excuse for a human bei… err… sorry.
Bitterness, y’know.

I squeeze the water out of the tea bags if I’m making iced tea by brewing a concentrated amount and then adding cold water.

If I’m having a cup of tea with a tea-bag, I generally leave the bag in and never remove it until I’m done.

Generally this. I want it as dark as possible and usually just leave the bag in. Especially since I don’t use a saucer and it would mean getting up to go to the trash can just to throw out the bag.