Do you take your trousers off to take a shit?

I was just in the loo and some clown has got his trousers hung over the door to the stall. :dubious: What the hell is that all about?!? People do the damndest things. I suppose I could understand if they were fancy trousers (they were not), or if the floor in there was filthy (it’s clean), or…


I sooo would have snatched those and ran like hell. :smiley:

Gosh no. Who’s worried they’re gonna shit past their knees?

At work? In a public restroom? Not ever. That’s just weird.

That said, I’ll take my pants off at home. I suppose that makes *me *weird. I’ll survive.

What’s weird is that he would have had to take off his shoes to take off his pants.

In a public stall? Ummm… No.

I never wear pants at home. It’s caused problems on occassion when we’ve had company. :smiley:

At home I do if I think it will be a … long session. I just feel more comfortable without any sense that I could inadvertantly ruin my clothes.

I do take off my pants when I go. I suffer from an anal fissure and in order to put myself in the best position for pain free usage and my pants do get in the way.

Heh. My son used to completely strip. One time we were at this nice restaurant with a large group of people and of course, he had to go to the pot. (Nothing triggers my kids’ bathroom urges like me sitting down to a meal in a restaurant, unless it’s me sitting down to a meal in a really NICE restaurant and trying to have a conversation with another adult.) He was still young enough to take into the ladies room with me and since by now, my younger daughter had to go, too (there’s nothing like the power of suggestion, either), I told DH I’d take him. My girl, went, washed, and I sent her back to her dad. But my boy–of COURSE he had to poop. Don’t want Mom’s food all nice and hot, now do we? He was taking so long I finally opened the stall door to check on him, and, oh, hell, every stitch of his clothing is on the floor. Socks, shoes, pants, underwear, and shirt. Not only that, it’s all wrong side out now, so I have to fix all that before I can get him dressed again!

How is it they can make you want to pinch their little heads off, and make you want to roll around laughing all at the same time?

That’s hilarious! What goes on in their little brains?

I’ve heard a guy snoring while sitting on the john.

I also saw a guy sitting on the crapper with his feet pointed the WRONG way. He was facing the wall. WTF?

very important P.S.
When I say I saw guys on the terlets, what I really mean is I saw parts of them from under the stall partitions.

If you heard maniacal laughter coming from the north, that was me!

I was standing at the urinal (men’s room, of course) when a co-worker came in, stood beside me, and dropped his pants all the way to the floor. Then, he dropped his boxers to the floor.

Honest to god, what’s wrong with people? He’s standing there butt-ass naked taking a leak right next to me. If you want to do that, go to a stall! And, since the floors under urinals are not the cleanest places in the world, his pants had to be filthy.

[bugs bunny]What a nin-cow-poop. [/bugs bunny]


When I’m in full garb working/attending the Rennaisance Faire, I have to straddle the seat facing the wall to pee. That, for some reason, is the way those big hoops and corsets work best.

(And no underwear. It’s way too hard to get underwear back up under a corset. That’s why women of the period had split pants or none at all under those skirts.)

But I’ve never pooped in costume. I just wait until close of day.

I never take my pants all the way off to poop. I sometimes drop tight pants all the way to the ankle to get enough knee spread to insert a tampon properly, but never in a public restroom.

Pants-around-the-ankles - I thought that was normal. Is it not?

Most women don’t drop trow to the ankles. You clear the cheeks and keep the tops of your pants just above the knees. Unless you’re wearing slippery fabric slacks, in which case sometimes they can get away from you. But you always pull them up right away because the less of your clothing is on the bathroom floor, the less disgusting thoughts you have to deal with.

Heh. See, men have bigger feet, so our shoes keep our trousers off the floor. :smiley:

Really? I just drop my pants to my knees because I can’t be arsed pulling them all the way down and back up again.

You people are weird…
And I get joked about for standing to wipe?
And having cheap washclothes next to the toilet?
And turning on the hot water when I enter a bathroom?
And grabbing some toilet paper before using a urinal?

I don’t take my trousers/pants off to use the loo/toilet, but it seems a hygenically sound premise. I have been to countries where the “toilet” is a hole dug in the field out back, and the 2 pair of socks rule applies.
For intelligent, well rounded, individuals sometimes you ask the most inconsequential stuff.
I expect someone to correct my spelling or punctuation to announce themself, heck all to the OP.

Settle down, mate. Who pissed in your Corn Flakes this morning? :wink: