Do you think gas station fountain drinks taste different to restaurant fountain drinks?

ReGARDLESS, IF THEY ARE rEstaurant or gas station, I think there are many fountains that aren’t calibrated or cleaned regularly. THEY ARE OFTEN NEGlECTED OR IGNORANCED. It;s a failure in each individual proprietary to keep their fountain drinks clean, balanced, and regular.

I drink at least one fountain soda a day. Not healthy, I know, but it’s what gets me through the morning. Hasn’t killed me yet. I think.

You can say that again.



Yet somehow, 50% of soda fountains tested in the area had coliforms, but produced no outbreak of food born illness. Think of how many people drink fountain soda from gas stations and fast food restaurants, 50% of their drinks were “contaminated” but there were no reported illnesses. The overwhelmingly vast majority of these contaminations are not dangerous, to the point where an actual outbreak is big news.

Yes, I wash my hands after wiping my butt. I also know that my faucet, toothbrush and bathroom cup would all test positive for coliform bacteria, as would pretty much everyone else’s.

In general, they’re pretty much the same to me. But in one incident just last week, I got a very flat soda at a gas station. Ironically for a “gas” station, it seems they weren’t putting the right amount of CO2 in their sodas.