Do you think gas station fountain drinks taste different to restaurant fountain drinks?

I think so. I stopped getting them from the gas station because they taste weird to me.

mineral water or carbonated fizzes? they’re supposed to come from the same source that makes the pressurized water and drink concentrates. but if you’re saying the ambiance turns you off, it does me too. a gas station is a place to stop over and move on soonest while a restaurant is where you kick back and enjoy.

Depends on the place. I often get a soda at a particular gas station near my house. Across the street from that gas station, there is a restaurant where I won’t drink the soda at all because the water there makes it taste so bad. I don’t know why that is. My dad agrees with me that it tastes terrible, but he drinks it anyway. Also, I have yet to get a drinkable fountain soda from any restaurant in Yuba City, but the one I got at a gas station there a while back was fine.

I’ve also noticed a difference. I wonder if the glass/cup has something to do with it. Usually at gas stations they have paper cups while restaurants serve in glasses.

It’s all in how the mixture is set in the machine. The gas station machines are likely set to a lighter syrup/water ratio.

Some gas stations have really good soda I’ve found. I think partially it’s because some have that awesome crushed ice too.

And I rarely get a soda but if I do it’s likely because I am trying to avoid a migraine and am loading up on caffeine and go for a Mountain Dew. It’s a pretty syrupy soda so unless the mix is weak it’s usually a pretty yummy fountain soda. We also have really good water here (St. Louis area).

I can’t recall ever seeing a soda fountain at a gas station. Is it an American thing?

There’s not a real correlation IME, though I suppose without Quiktrip it’d be weighted toward restaurants. There’s a number of places I like to get fountain soda from on the route to work. The best places are Quiktrip and two fast food restaurants.

I think if there is a difference, it’s going to be because convenience stores see a lot more traffic and their fountain spigots are less likely to be cleaned. The mix is of course a huge factor too, but that seems more dependent on the knowledge of whoever sets it at that particular store.

I didn’t know it was just an American thing, but yes, gas stations typically have a full-service convenience store with snacks, self-serve soda fountains, and bottled soft drinks and alcohol in the cooler.

Probably. It doesn’t get much more American than going into the gas station food mart, grabbing a 42-ounce cup, and filling it with crunch ice and Coke (or, in my case, Diet DP). I always get a refill in my gas station cup, which costs $1!

You can even get ‘cups’ that look more like small insulated kegs, for construction workers and other guys working outside in the heat. They hold like 100 ounces.

some are what is termed a convenience store; somewhat like a small grocery store with quick meal foods, also a number of flavored coffees and sodas and microwave heatable foods which are customer served.

But cups are either 32 ounce or 44 ounce.



Yeah, but if I’m at a gas station, I’m buying a can or a bottle of Coke. All fountain drinks taste diluted vs the stuff bottled by the company, and so often the local water used for the fountain drinks sucks. If I don’t care to drink it unfiltered out of the sink, I don’t want it mixed with syrup either.

Of course glass bottled Mexican Coke trumps all, but I only get that at the grocery store for about $1.50 per 12oz bottle.


They will learn as Global Warming teaches them that a Big Gulp, a couple times a day, is how you survive. Plus some chips (crisps) to keep your electrolytes in check.

ETA: I’ve noticed they are already drinking Bud Light, a gateway beer.

Maybe they have a higher rate of coliform contamination.

Meh. Every damn thing has fecal matter on it. I’ve stopped caring.

If you’ve spent enough time drinking fast food and gas station pop, as with eating their dogs, coliform bacteria are a food group. And that’s WITHOUT eating the soy burgers, which recall Wednesdays in my college dorm.

7-11 down the street has 2 hot dogs for a dollar Mondays. A Polish gas station has them for 2 for $2 all the time. The first is a good price plus tasteless cheese and chili, but the second also offers (unbelievably, but seductive, like Polish women :wink: ) crappy Polish candy. And neither offers the toppings shown on the posters.

But, I’m sure, a gut full of coliform bacteria. I mean, what the hell did you think lived inside you?

I assume you two are joking, and actually do understand that pathogenic strains of coliforms, and coincident organisms, can cause gastroenteritis (and worse) and sometimes kill you.

Nope. It’s that, after lifetimes of misusing our bodies, we’ve been exposed to them all, and worse. What does not kill you may not make you stronger, but it may be a reinforcement against what you next ingest.

Lemme guess, sparky, you are under 30?

No, I’m well over 30. But you’ll have to speak a little less cryptically. Are you saying that you don’t wash your hands after wiping your ass?