Do you think I need to go to the doctor for this ingrown toenail? (with picture)

Some of my smaller nails have had that done to one edge, one because the nail had been malformed for as long as I can remember and was pretty much never not ingrown on that edge. Both large nails have been permanently removed, partly due to fungus. One podiatrist did try temporary removal for both nearly 30 years ago but that didn’t help much.

If the black spot changes overnight, I’ll head over to the urgent care tomorrow after work.

Ok I’ll stop the peroxide.

I don’t have any!

Jimminy cricket, you should have gone tomorrow.

You have puss, “black spots”, and it hurts so damn much you can’t tolerate a blanket it on it while you sleep. Your body is sounding the alarms and screaming “red alert”. GO TO A DOCTOR. Preferably before it gets worse.

If it gets worse or if you start to run a fever or just in general feel sick go to an ER. Screw work, call off. You have a very bad infection. Don’t let it get worse. Better to miss one day of work now than weeks of work because you’re in the hospital get IV antibiotics or surgery or whatever.

Then you don’t know for sure if you have it or not.

Seriously, if it changes over night CALL OFF WORK AND GO TO URGENT CARE. Don’t wait.

If you’ve ever wondered if it hurts using nail polish remover on an infected ingrown toenail the answer is yes, yes it does. Oy. I figured the doctor will want to see the toe without nail polish and also it’s easier for me to keep an eye on any changes.

Too late for that. It’s already getting worse, even as we speak.

Rather, go to a doctor before it becomes unfixable!

(Personally, I am normally extremely hesitant to give unasked-for advice. But this was not unasked-for.)

A podiatrist will have polish remover and take off the polish.

Ok I stood by the window and held a flashlight on my toe to get a better look at it. I guess the spot is actually dark red, not black. Underneath the toenail is more greeny-brown. Ignore the black area I’ve covered over. I have a mark on my nail that I find embarrassing which is why I usually have polish on.


That toe is at call first thing Friday morning to get in to be seen that day. If you can’t be seen Friday at your doctor, go to an urgent care Friday. A podiatrist might be easier to get into on short notice than your doctor. Be seen Friday.

Infections left for 3 more days over a weekend becomes more deep seated algebraically. Don’t risk that.

I’m not thrilled about what looks like a reddish spot on the toe next to the big toe.

Yeah that showed up overnight and was what concerned me enough to make this post. What the heck is that? Also I got the ingrown toenail from stubbing the hell out of my toe. I think that’s bruising at the base of the nail.

Oh sorry, you mean the next toe over. That part doesn’t hurt at all.

Those of you who are the right age might remember there was a Kids in the Hall sketch very much on this theme.

What time zone is OP in? Where I am, it’s still Wednesday evening. This should be seen by a doc on THURSDAY if you can find one open.

If I don’t seem as worried as some of you, it’s because I’ve seen my toes like this from when had a whole bunch of toenails removed:



Nah, I’m remembering my hospital stay in September 2020 and the guy in the ER with the gangrenous toe being wheeled by.

No, not Friday. THURSDAY, whether it’s Thanksgiving where you live or not.

I just remembered a teenage boy I knew years ago who didn’t tell his mom about his ingrown toenail until it became too bad to ignore, and he ended up on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. A nurse came to his house every day after school to administer them. Don’t let this happen to you.

Your toesies have been through the wars, fer shure.

If there’s pus, there’s an infection, and you should seek medical help. A podiatrist is your best option.

The offending border of the ingrown nail needs to be avulsed. A local anesthetic is typically used, but, sometimes the nail border can be removed without the injection.

You should then be given a Rx for oral antibiotic and advised to soak, apply topical antibiotic and redress daily till the infection subsides.

If this is a chronic problem (nail in-grows every couple of months), you should consider having a partial-permanent avulsion procedure. The border is avulsed and the nail matrix (root) is killed (by chemical, laser, or electrocautery ablation) on the offending side. This is a minor in-office procedure. If both borders of the nail are affected, a total-permanent nail avulsion is often your best choice, particularly if the nail is deformed.

I went to my doctor for an ingrown toenail about 10 years ago. He gave me 2 options, he removes the toenail or start getting pedicures. My daughter had a couple toenails removed and her nails never grew back. Her big toes and now just big fleshy knobs. I started getting pedis and have had no issues with that nail since. Besides trimming that nail, the gal I use also digs out and removes the ingrown part. In fact, I have an appointment at 10:45 this morning. I have had zero issues since I started with the pedis.

Certainly, if the problem is acute, not chronic, a permanent partial or total avulsion is not indicated. If the problem is chronic, and re-infects,you run the risk of cellulitis, or rarely, osteomyelitis (bone infection). The nail matrix is attached to the distal toe bone, hence the risk. You can spend weeks in the hospital with osteomyelitis.

Mild, non-infected ingrown toenails are sometimes successfully removed by nail techs, though they are not licensed to do so.

It’s not better but it’s not worse so I’m planning on just keeping my appointment for Monday. I am going to suggest having it permanently removed though as this in an ongoing problem. I’ve actually had them removed twice before but it keeps growing back.