Do you think I need to go to the doctor for this ingrown toenail? (with picture)

I’ve had this ingrown toenail for about two weeks now. Usually when I get one, it works itself out after a week or so. This one oozes pus if I squeeze it, which I have had before. The thing that has me wondering if I should go to the doctor is the skin underneath the toe is turning black. And now the skin on the outside of the toe has a small black spot. I’ve been soaking it in hydrogen peroxide. I don’t want to go to the doctor for something stupid that I can fix at home.


Yes, you should go. This is beyond home remedies IMHO. Toe tuning black = NOT GOOD.

I suggest you go to a podiatrist, 'cause that’s what I did when I had a badly ingrown toenail. But then I’m old and on Medicare so I can go to any doc, even a specialist.

I don’t understand this statement. Are you afraid the doctor will call you a wimp and make fun of you? Is it the expense? (That sort of makes sense.)

What you don’t EVER want to hear a doctor say is, “IF ONLY you had come in sooner.” You might already be at that stage.

Anything oozing pus with a black spot is bad. There is infection, and possibly dead tissue. Go to a doctor ASAP to get the infection under control.

Yes. I don’t want to go to the doctor and have them say “put some polysporin on it”.

No, no, no-- no doc is going to say that to a toe that is turning black.

Consider this: usually doctors and others who deal with potential emergencies (police, EMTs, firefighters) are happy and relieved when something turns out not to be an emergency. They don’t want to deal with a crisis. They would rather catch a thing before it becomes an emergency.

FTR, my late husband had to have his black toe amputated. Unlike your toe, his was almost totally black. We were away from home and should have immediately come back and gone to the doctor, but we delayed a few days. Now THAT was stupid.

You should talk to a podiatrist about permanently removing that corner of nail.

Ok I made an appointment for Monday. The nurse wanted to squeeze me in tomorrow but I’m working so she booked me in for Monday.

Yes, you need to see a doctor. It is just the toe now but could involve the whole foot and you could lose them both.

FloatyGimpy, are you diabetic, or even boarder line diabetic? If yes, then go now.

Yeah, if diabetes is an issue, you should have it seen to immediately.

How on earth are you walking with your toe like that? I had the edges of my large toe nails cut down to the bottom and the area cauterized so they wouldn’t grow back.

Oh it hurts like crazy! I have to sleep with my foot outside the covers because the blanket feels like sandpaper. I work though and I can’t have open-toed shoes so I’ve been downing extra strength tylenol hoping to wait it out.

No diabetes.

Just go to the doctor, dude. Digging that thing out is going to hurt like crazy and cause further infection.

I know from experience. You just can’t bathroom-surgery a thing like that.

When were you last tested for diabetes?

A lot of people have it but don’t know it.

See a doctor. Go to a walk-in clinic or even the ER if you can’t get in to your regular physician. This is NOT something you want to treat yourself.

I’ve never been tested for diabetes. When I see my doctor on Monday I won’t be surprised if she wants me to get tested. I’m carrying a good extra 30 lbs.

Skinny people can get diabetes too.

(Bolding mine.)

That is NOT O.K. Jesus fucknado Christ. Have you ever considered the concept?

In the mean time…have you tried some polysporin?

If you’re waiting till Monday, I’d start there!

Good Luck!

IANAD but hydrogen peroxide can really damage already-damaged tissue. If you feel the need to soak, some mild salt water might be the best thing. If your toe gets way blacker before Monday go to the ER or a Doc-in-a-Box.

That does not look good at all. Is there any chance you have an Urgent Care Center nearby? They might be able to start you on antibiotics tonight or tomorrow, giving you a head start before you see the podiatrist on Monday. It would also ease the pain some.