Do you think the terrorists are in over their heads?

Dunno if this will evolve into a GD or not, but figured I’d start it here.

Do you think the Terrorists expected every nation on the planet (that I am aware of) to condemn their actions? Hell, 'ol wacky Saddam didn’t have nice things to say but his Foriegn minister even condemned it.

Do think they expected such a fast, huge international investigation?

I understand that Sept 22 is now a date being thrown around as a possible date for more attacks, but I am wondering if the government has enough conspirators “behind bars” or under suspicion to thwart that… for now, at least.


Yes, I think they’re in over their heads. Absolutely.
Firstly, history has shown that you don’t piss off the United States of America.
Secondly, NATO will of course respond.
Thirdly, almost every nation in the world (with the exception of Afghanistan) has resoundingly denounced these attacks.

I’d say they’re up the creek. Wouldn’t you?

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At first when I saw this thread I thought of the 19 dead ones and thought “I hope they’re at least up to their necks in burning fires of hell, but over their heads is even better.”

My sentiments exactly. Terrorist: “What? I’m in hell? I’m not supposed to be in hell! I’m a martyr, I’m supposed to be with Allah!” Now if they could just go back and convince their comrades not to be more martyrs.

<bernse smacks forehead>

I meant to put it in IMHO in the first place.