Do you think this incident shows signs of dysfunctional behavior?

I was speaking with someone on another forum. In the course of commenting back & forth I am told that the person I’m speaking to is currently in 8th grade – around, what, 13-15? (up til then I assumed it was maybe a college kid because articulate etc.)

So the incident in question occurred 3 years ago, which modifies any conclusions one might come to because the perpetrator was a child of around eleven at the time, & presumably has done nothing since.

But what happened is that the kid stabbed 4 other classmates in the neck with a fairly dull pencil; in one kid’s case, they went to the nurse because of bleeding from the resulting wound.

I don’t know, maybe I’m making too much of a grade school incident, but I tend to think someone who feels that is a viable solution to ANY kind of conflict in school is a kid who needs some guidance. On the other hand, it was 3 years ago.

What say you?

I can think of a few group attacks in Primary school that might have resulted in such a defense. There really just is not enough information here to go on.

If the kid just randomly thought it would be fun to walk down the row of desks stabbing people, well obviously that’s pretty serious. If OTOH a group of kids was attacking or picking on him/her why then I imagine a pencil was the self-defense weapon available at the time. Fair play.

If what you’ve provided is all the information you have to go on, I’d say base your opinion on current interactions only.

I mean it’s disturbing but sometimes people do fucked up stuff when they are kids and grow out of it. I was kind of scary when I was in middle school and high school. I was obsessed with serial killers and violence, and I was also a bully. I went through a disturbing phase in middle school where I tortured and killed our household pet.

I think looking back some of it had to do with my parent’s divorce and a dysfunctional household. But I didn’t go on to become some criminal deviant. I’ve got a job, I’m a college graduate, I was married and though I got divorced I have children that I love and spend time with as much as I can. I matured, developed, and grew out of the things I did in the past.