Do You Think TV has Gotten More Trashy?

I mean I just called and cancled HBO. I mean they are ridiculous. G String Divas and Real Sex and on and on. I know probably some of ya’ll like that kind of stuff but I got kids and I don’t want them seeing that stuff. And I don’t ever remember it being that nasty say 10 years ago. Do ya’ll?

SNL had also gotten very trashy and sex ridden. I mean it used to be a funny funny show without resorting to getting in the gutter. And now that it is in the gutter it really SUCKS!

In otherwords why do the TV people insist on putting out nasty shows when people are sick of nasty and would rather be entertained with QUALITY?

Is it just me or do ya’ll see it the same way?

Sanford and Sons was being made back in 1972. It doesn’t get any trashier than that.

The percentage of trash is WAY up.
Someone needs to give these TV judges the power to enforce the death penalty on BOTH sides of an issue !

Yes, it’s just you :D.

I think trying to measure the trash level of television may be a pointless exercise (although I’m sure some religious watchdog agency has done so), but to address specific points in the OP:

So-called “premium” cable services in part attempt to justify their additional cost by showing subject matter that the regular networks are unwilling or unable to provide. In the case of HBO (which on digital cable systems now offers several channels with varying content), if you don’t like the content, you are not required to subscribe. This is just what you have done, and saved a bit of money to boot. BTW, I’ve never subscribed to any of the premiums, but that’s just 'cause I’m a cheap bastard.

Concerning SNL, are you serious? The show has always been in the gutter, for heaven’s sake. What’s the fundamental difference among the drug references, Father Guido Sarducci and skits like the Bass-o-matic from the early seasons (loved most of that stuff, BTW) and anything they’re doing now?

“TV people” insist on putting out shows which draw viewers, as measured by ratings and ad or subscription revenues. They’ll try pretty much anything, but I can’t see where “nasty” always works better than “quality”.

As for the public preferring quality (or QUALITY), please define your term through an example or two.

By way of comparison, I bet you’d have a hard time finding anyone who admits to reading or liking supermarket tabloids, yet they sell in the millions.

I have to respectfully diagree with the OP.

When I was in high school, I remember reading somewhere that at the rate TV programs were going, we would have full nudity on network shows within 10 years. Well, that was 15 years ago and i am still waiting patiently…

People on TV put out what the majority of people want and what they think people will watch.

Apparently, not enough people have become as outraged as you over the current state of television. If they do, people will no longer watch and the networks will program something differently.

It’s not like they just put out offensive, obscene things for kicks. TV execs don’t sit around and say’ “Well, I don’t care if no one but me watches, we’re going to broadcast hardcore porn 24/7! Who cares if we have viewers, it’s all about getting the smut out there!”

Well then it’s a good thing you weren’t watching Showtime last night. Or maybe you were watching it, and you’ve already got a thread over in the PIT that I haven’t seen yet.

Aren’t most of these “objectionable” movies on after 10 p.m.? What are your kids doing up at that hour?

When I had Primestar, they offered a lockout feature that restricted access to certain shows based on their rating & content. If your cable service doesn’t offer this, maybe you could look into the V-chip. These are examples ways that technology can step in and help protect your kids when parents aren’t there to do their job.

By the effing minute!

The only reason TV has gotten more trashy is that society has become more accepting of it. If this stuff didn’t sell and people didn’t watch it, it wouldn’t be on.

Yes. I mean, why are good shows like MST3K getting cancelled, but crap like Friends is still on?
It sucks!