Do you use an Old Computer Keyboard?

While I have gotten newer keyboards from time to time, I keep using an old keyboard because it feels more comfortable.

Anyone else?

I used to. I had boxes of keyboards, many very old, and I’d frequently dig one out to replace the keyboard that came with a machine. But now I’m almost exclusively using a laptop, and even with a docking station I prefer to stick to the built in keyboard.

Do you mean mechanical? The only reason I use old keyboards is they’re not spoilt and I don’t want to open a new one.

I have a laptop as my main computer, but hate typing on a laptop - thus I do have a keyboard connected via USB port. Plus, my desk at home has a nice pull out shelf for a keyboard that is more conveniently located. The nice aspect of this is - should I ever decide to sell this laptop, it will look unused as I think I have never once typed on it or used that keyboard!

The other keyboard was a cheap one - about 12 bucks - and it is probably time to invest in a new one. Currently, over half the keys no longer have the letters written on them (worn off). Still, it works and I am a cheap bastard, so until it breaks, why bother investing another 12 bucks?

I don’t have enough USB keyboards to re-use them, really. So no, I guess. I have a bunch of the older round plugs that I don’t recall the name of, but don’t use any computer that can take them. And I still have one even older one whose plug is about a half-inch or more in diameter.

I used to insist on using an old IBM clanky clank keyboard. Problem was that every time I typed on a laptop, my accuracy was attrocious. I started using newer keyboards, then I started typing almost exclusively on a laptop keyboard, and now I use a compact wireless Logitech board that’s pretty similar to a laptop. I imagine if I dug out my old IBM board my accuracy would be attrocious :slight_smile:

PS/2 connector.

DIN connector

Northgate Omni Key/102. Bought it new sometime in the 1980’s.

Yep, the keyboard that came with my new computer (a couple years ago) has an integrated, non-padded wrist rest that’s awkward and undesirable. It’s sitting at the top of the stack of stuff in the closet, just waiting for me to spill one too many things onto the keyboard I’ve been using since forever. And even then, I may still go buy a different keyboard that doesn’t have the stupid wrist-rest on it.

Yup, a trusty Microsoft Natural Keyboard 59758. I think I’m on my third one; when one wears out or gets too gronky, I just buy another one off of eBay.

I love these keyboards, and will be bummed when I can no longer get one. I like the full-size function keys and how the arrow keys are laid out. Plus they’ve kept me carpal-tunnel free for something like 15 years. Maybe longer, I think that’s the original natural keyboard, and it came out sometime in the 90s.

I can get by on most keyboards, but when I’m actually working on a computer, a clanky clank keyboard is still my tool of choice. I limped an IBM model M around for years, I had bought it for 10 bucks at a swap meet in the 90’s. It was already 10 years old then, and was being stored in a bin with about 20 keyboards on top of it. In 2005 or so it died, the trooper.

My current one was new when I bought it, but it probably is starting to qualify as old. Either way, it’s the same tech as a model M. To replace the old one, I splurged and got myself one of these beauties. It’s had several beverages, tons of tobacco flakes falling into it, years of smoke, and keeps chugging on. I have zero complaints.

I used to prefer heavy old IBM and HP keyboards. A few years back I switched to the Apple aluminium keyboard. It’s the best I’ve ever used.

I was thinking PS2, and thought “That can’t be right.”

I’ve had this particular keyboard since 1999, and I love it. It has a perfect amount of springiness, I’ve gotten very used to the arrangement of the peripheral keys, it doesn’t have any unnecessary nonsense like video playback buttons. It is a PS/2, when this computer finally dies I will almost certainly have to replace it as it is currently revoltingly dirty and stained and one of the keys has a hole worn through it.

My other PC, a more powerful one that I use for my computer graphicy stuff, has a backlit keyboard. Because LCD monitors don’t light up my desk like the CRTs did, I needed one that I could see what key I’m hitting (I’m a hunt-and-peck typist, though a fast one). Crucially, it has the same arrangement of peripheral keys* as this other keyboard.

*I hate it when I go to hit Home and accidentally hit Delete

Those were my favorite back in the day, too.

The natural ergonomic keyboard 4000 is a decent modern replacement.

I’ve got an IBM “easy options” keyboard at work that’s a rubber dome variant of the buckling spring as used in their Model M. Still pretty noisy, but I like the touch. Think it’s about 15 years old, and the A and S keys have worn off. At home, I’ve got an even older IBM keyboard that doesn’t have the Windows key. Getting these things to work is a bit of a challenge as my work laptop can’t use the old style PS/2 to USB plug adapter, and the electronic adapter is an imperfect solution as it sometimes takes a nap right in the middle of typing.

On the Mac, I’m using an Apple Extended that’s tolerable, but now and then, I think about looking for a “Nimitz” keyboard, which IIRC, is a buckling spring design.

Interesting - thanks for posting that. Last time I went shopping for a new keyboard, I couldn’t find one that was ergonomic, had full-size function keys, and had the layout of the arrow and insert/home/etc keys the way I like. That’s when I ended up buying yet another old one off eBay.

When this one dies, I’ll probably get one like the one you linked. Of course, by then, it’ll probably be discontinued and the only keyboards available will be like this.