Do You Use AOL's AIM/ If So, Are You Aware Your Words Are Not Your Own?


Yeah, so, you might say. Then there is this opinion.

Now you may think that this is similar to the disclaimer when posting to the SDMB. From a non-lawyer’s POV, it looks to be the same. However, the SDMB is not an instant messaging system nor is it promoted as a messaging system.

For me, AOL’s change is akin to the US Postal Service delivering your mail, but having the right to open up the envelopes, reading the contents and using said contents as they see fit.

Another reason not to use AOL.

Fuckers. I use an AIM account with Apple’s iChat, so I never downloaded any software for it. But that blows. They should put a big banner ad on their front web pages saying “Hey! We’re untrustworthy!”

MrFantsyPants do you think this is irrelevant to ichat users?

that completely blows. what other im options do we have?

I bet this applies if you’ve even updated your AIM since Feb 5, 2004. There isn’t a way to check to see when you last downloaded AIM, is there? Ugh, I bet I’ve downloaded it since then, although I haven’t updated.

I don’t know if their policies are any better, but there’s Yahoo chat, MSN chat, Jabber.

I always hoped Jabber would catch on, since it’s open source. Maybe this will give it a shot in the arm.

There’s all sorts of other message protocols to use, and gAIM supports most of them. I for one rarely use instant messengers, but every once in a while I’ll run into someone who wants me to talk to them with one, and gAIM fits the bill nicely.

Also, if you’re using gAIM and AOL snoops on your conversations; you have carte blanche to sue the nuts offa them. The EULA only applies to people using AOL’s AIM. Also,

I’m not trying to be a naysayer or devil’s advocate, but I’ve tried to keep in mind that whenever I’m talking on the 'net, or emailing, or whatever…you never know who might be able to read what you type, and therefore, to generally treat it like a public forum. If I really wanted to tell someone something I wanted no one else to hear, I’d tell them in person, over the phone, etc. I guess my phone could be tapped, too, but I can’t imagine why. As long as I’m a normal, law-abiding citizen, I have little to fear in that area. (Now I’m sounding like a paranoid weirdo…)

Ah, yes… “why do you want privacy if you’ve got nothing to hide?”

If you’re really worried about security, you can use a chat client that supports IM encryption. Trillian lets you do this over the AIM network.

Do you all really think that AOHell is really going to snoop and try to sell trade secrets or bust people who have MJ?

Think more along the lines of the ‘sue’ happy population and the silly $$$$ that get handed out by juries…

Nothing on the net is 100% secure. I got lots to hide and I sure don’t put it in IM’s… Or on LJ ( Bawahahahahhaa ) or even in email. Heck, this is more about us attacking AOHell than the other way around.

It’s the same policy as the SDMB.

Note, the section in question is under the heading “Content You Post”, not “Content you IM”. In other words, if you post an IM session to a public AOL forum, it is in part owned by AOL. They don’t monitor IM sessions, or store IM sessions on their servers.

Looks like you’re right. According to this news article (linked to from Slashdot), the keyword was indeed “post”.

However, “post” is not the clearest word they could’ve used and I hope they change the wording.

FWIW I didn’t mean chat, but the messenger programs. (it was late).