Do you usually wash sheets before you use them?

The ones I just got are in one of those zip-up soft plastic cases. I know clothing manufacturers supposedly coat stuff in formaldehyde to put 'em out on the shelves, but is there any reason to wash first with sheets?

Yes you should wash all sheets and clothing before use.
Even if you don’t have formaldehyde allergy at the moment.

  1. Could contribute to cancer
  2. Could contribute to formaldehyde allergy. That would make you allergic to going clothes shopping.

Well it could apply to any preservative or perfume used, its liable to be cheap and nasty…

We wash new sheets with a little bleach. Get all those nasty chemicals out.

I know I *should *wash the sheets before use, for the reasons already mentioned, but I don’t.

Out of habit I wash everything (even socks) prior to use.

Wash 'em all! Let the kids sort 'em out.

I always wash my sheets before I use them!

1- You don’t know what chemicals, toxins or germs they might have on them. From manufacturing, shipping and even at store level, all sorts of nasty things could be tagging along when you buy them!

2- I always love new sheets that smell fresh and clean. I also use extra fabric softener on the first wash to make them as soft as possible!

BTW- unless you’re concerned about fading, it doesn’t hurt to wash them in HOT WATER the first time, just to be safe…at least that’s what I do…

I wash all cloth items before use (exception: concert t-shirts purchased at the show). Towels, sheets, shirts, socks, underwear, jeans, everything gets washed before I use it. Actually, towels usually gets washed a couple-three times before use to make them feel right.

Sheets need to be washed to get that packaged smell out of them, and to get rid of the creases.

“Caution. Wash three times before use”

Sounds like a pretty heavy handed instruction for a navy blue duvet set. So I took it out of the packet, put on the bed and slept soundly.

It was only later in the day that I realised my neck and arms had a sort of deathly hue. my normal pink skin tone was paler, dare I say, blue. And when I got home that night, my white shirt had absorbed the dye from my skin giving the collar in particular a strong blue tinge.

I stripped the bed, washed the duvet set, amazed at how much dye was left to flow out of the fabric, and how the washing machine water for the first two of the three washes was very blue.

If you don’t want to have the blues, wash your sheets.

p.s. wash dark colours separate. :smiley:

I don’t wash clothes first but I definitely wash sheets! Not because of formaldehyde but because of the sizing in them. That’s why they’re all stiff with square wrinkles. They don’t feel nice at all until they’ve been washed (quite a few times, honestly, but once will do to start.)

I have been in clothing factories in Mexico and the Philippines so I ALWAYS wash new clothes and bedding. The cleanliness in both country’s manufacturing facilities was rather suspect, so I figure why take any chances.


Great Og, I can’t emphasize it enough. Elsewhere on this board, I’ve discussed my year at Macy’s. Whenever new clothes were brought in from the docks to the floor, the smell was overpowering. You, the average shopper, are never supposed to experience this - trust me! :eek:

Please, please, please, *always *wash new clothing - new ANYTHING - as well as yourself as soon as possible after you’ve tried new stuff on. If you can’t wash it, make the monetary sacrifice and take it to the dry cleaners.

I wash everything new except socks.


I wash everything new including socks.

*Before *I use them? Hell, I’m lucky if I wash them after use. :wink:

Seriously, though, I don’t wash sheets or clothing before use. I’m living on the edge I guess.

I wash all new clothing with the exception of sweaters…I guess out of laziness because they usually need to be hand-washed, and also because they don’t actually touch my skin (or most of it…I always wear a long-sleeved shirt or at least a T-shirt underneath them).

Sheets have formaldehyde?

Well, I want to be preserved, so I don’t see a problem.

Another rebel here. I enjoy everything being that starched, for probably the only time during the history of how long I’ll own it.

I wash sheets, because I don’t like the new sheet smell and feel. Clothes in general is a don’t care, sometimes washed, others rip off the tags and put them on.

Rarely wash things before using them.