Do you wash your tomatillos before cooking with them?

So I was watching a cooking show and the host did not wash her tomatillos before roasting them. My mother taught me to always wash tomatillos in warm water until the sticky residue is rinsed away. What about you?

Same here - I’ve always heard you need to wash 'em.

Ewww yes. I don’t use them very often, but as far as I’m concerned the sticky is icky. Always wash.

I’m very glad that the results of my poll are unanimous.

Yes, for the record, I don’t wash all my produce, but they’re so gross feeling after you peel them…I usually have to wash my hands after I’m done working with them too.

I worked once with a hispanic woman who washed EVERY kind of produce. Throughly. She told me how the produce pickers won’t stop to go to the lavs in the fields.

Made an impression.

I’ve never been taught one way or another, but my instinct has always been to wash them, and I don’t wash most my produce.

I was under the impression everyone did this.

Yeah, there was an attempt a few years back to require US farmers to provide toilets to their workers, but IIRC it was shot down, so I just assume migrant workers have no choice but to urinate and deficate amongst the crops.