Do you wear old clothing?

My go-to cool weather jacket is a leather A-2 flight jacket I have been wearing for 30 years. But they tend to look better as they age.

I wear running shoes until they are literally falling apart. If I find a pair of shoes that are actually comfortable, I don’t let them go until they are unwearable.

I mostly wear T-shirts and jeans. I still have concert T-shirts from decades ago that I still wear.

My annual clothes budget is probably around $200. Some years, almost nothing. Some new socks and underwear, and that’s about it.

Automatic Ex-Girlfriend!

But before that, I’d explain “No, if I treated you like you were so shallow as to want people to be dressed up instead of comfortable, THAT would be disrespect. I have respect for a friend who want people to be themselves.”

New clothes? Hmmm, I understand the words but I don’t quite understand the concept…

It has literally been decades, maybe half my life, since I wave worn anything (but shoes) that was store-bought at retail. And when things get too shabby even for me, I hate shopping for replacements.

Very rarely. There’s a few things I’ve got that I’ll wear when I’m really sick with fever and non stop sweats, it can go in the garbage. I’ve got a couple of older things I can wear when I must go outside and the weather is just awful, the rain/sleet/snow sloppy mess and I know I’m gonna get soaked.

But, 99% of my clothes are in excellent, like new shape. I usually pick up a lot of promotional t shirts at street festivals so they’re my gym shirts for the year.

I wear old clothes for working in the yard, or on my old car, but if I’m seen in public, my wife doesn’t want me looking “west side”.

First of all: My oldest piece of clothing I still wear is a faded T-shirt in otherwise perfect condition. It’s a Fruit of Loom T-shirt I bought in Vancouver in 1993. And I’ve used it since. I’ve always wondered what type of fabric it is as it’s full cotton but it does not wear and tear like my other cotton T-shirts.

I also have one jeans jacket from seventies, but It does not even fit me. But it has some sentimental value so I keep it.

What comes to what I wear at home I hav two obsercations to make. I don’t give a donkeý’s ass what some stranger might think what I wear at home. And what comes to my friends and acquaintances they don’t mind at all what I wear at home.

I wear ratty old clothes for gardening and other stuff that i expect to get dirty. I often wear nicer stuff at home because i spend a lot of my time on zoom. I might dress up if i expected a friend to come over. (That’s more likely to mean “put on a t-shirt i like” than anything formal, but still, clean and in decent shape.) But if a friend shows up without warning, they get what they get. I’d be shocked if a friend complained about what i was wearing around the house when i wasn’t expecting company. That person and i probably aren’t compatible.

I have a new puppy who thinks he’s a woodchipper. All of the stuff I wear around the house has to be able to be sacrificed to the dog and his razor sharp puppy teeth. My collection of old clothing was being rapidly depleted so I made a trip to Goodwill specifically to buy more old shirts just for him.