Do your think there will be maor terrorist attacks on the US -espWashington and

New York - that will kill many people? What about suidcide bombers in places like shopping centers???

I think it will definitely happen and am glad I live in the heartland of the US, not in Washington or NY.

Well I work 4 blocks from what used to be the Twin Towers in the heart of the financial district. Lets just say its probly one of the first places they will nuke, so I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing happens, as I have a few things I need to do in this lifetime.


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I guess there will be something all right. Maybe the States will get away with it and London will be hit.

Hopefully the bastards have shot their bolt but they only have to be lucky once etc. :frowning:

I work in midtown Manhattan and I, for one, could really do without these useless “gee, I’ll bet you guys will get vaporized or nerve-gassed any day now!” threads and op-ed pieces. I didn’t need it from James Lileks and I don’t need it from you.

Well, I work in an office building right across the Potomac from DC. As I type this, I’m looking at the Capitol and the Washington Monument from my window. If even a small nuke were detonated in DC, I would be incinerated, or perhaps only horribly burned.

So what?

Kevin Aucoin and JFK, Jr, both my age, have died. Even at the reasonably youngish age of 40, I know that even if the terrorists lay down their arms, I’ll still die someday. Moving to Bumfuck, Iowa, won’t change the fact of my mortality. So why obsess about one form of death over another?

I’ve been thinking about this.

I think their options are limited. They could go for a soft target such as a famous bridge or the Statue of Liberty but there’s no point - it would be entirely symbolic. A few people would die, sure, but the target would just be rebuilt.

Al qaeda don’t want to waste limited resources going for soft, purely symbolic targets. They have never gone for purely symbolic targets. And remember they aren’t as strong as they were - many of their foot soldiers were captured or killed in Afghanistan, a lot of their funds have been seized, they are being pursued around the world.

Mounting another “spectacular” like the WTC would be unlikely. Apart from the WTC and the first WTC bomb, they tend to go for military targets like US military bases in other (3rd world) countries. I think they’ll return to doing that kind of thing for a few years - small scale terrorism.

They found plans for building a nuclear bomb in an al qaeda house in Afghanistan but the plans were so inaccurate that the bomb would have only worked in outer space - and that’s assuming they had the requisite materials, which is unlikely.

Smallpox would be a useless weapon because the US would quickly vaccinate and it would spread globally through businessmen travelling to Saudi etc. So it would hit muslim countries much worse than it would hit the west.

Their best weapon would be hijacking a plane and flying it into a sensitive target, such as a nuclear power station, but this threat can be combatted by extra vigilance at airports and by passengers. Even if they succeeded in this, it wouldn’t necessarily cause that much damage - the power station may withstand it, they might miss, whatever - there’s a lot of variables.

All in all, I don’t think we’ll be hearing anything major from al-Q anytime soon.

Although we’re all going to be a bit jumpy come next September…

I’ve read in the Washington Post newspaper, that officials say it’s a question of when not if there will be any homicide bombings here( I refuse to use the phrase “suicide bombing”). I agree with gobear, death is a 100% certainty and there’s no sense in running from it. Besides, the Murrah building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist bombing and that happened in the middle of the country. Like Dubya said, “Live your life and don’t succumb to fear and panic. Giving those terrorists space in your brain is just what they want”. I paraphrased a little there.

Think some more.

The US can’t vaccinate against smallpox quickly because the US has very little vaccine to vaccinate with. At best, there are around 10,000,000 doses of vaccine, and guess who those are slated to go to. That’s right, the military, which I completely agree with.

Also, you can’t just whip up 280,000,000 doses of smallpox vaccine overnight. If I remember correctly, there was exactly I facility in the entire United States that was making a vaccine and they were turning it out in very small batches. It was estimated that it would take as long as 10 years to make enough vaccine for the entire US population, which is a mildly scary thought, until you realize that it probably wouldn’t do a damn bit of good anyway, because a smallpox attack would probably involve a smallpox virus that has been gentically modified so as to make it immune to current vaccines, which means a lot of people would die.