Doctor Doom's origin in new FF movie.

Doctor Doom’s origin in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie has been revealed, and instead of being the dictator of the fictitious nation of Latveria,

Mouseover space. Spoilered for the faint-hearted:

[spoiler]He’s an internet troll.

As revealed by Toby Kebbel, the actor playing Doctor Doom:


20th Century Fox seems determined to shit all over the FF. [/spoiler]

What a lot of fans don’t realize is that they’re adapting Ultimate Fantastic Four. Everything they’ve described do far, including Doom, are in line with that iteration of the team. Doom is a young genius who reprograms young Reed Richards’ teleportation experiment.

So it’s not that Fox is ignoring the comics. Apparently, it’s that comic fans ignored UFF.

That has almost nothing at all in common with Dr. Doom’s origin story in the Ultimates universe - nor does virtually anything else that’s been leaked about this movie so far.

I’m all for every Marvel property that isn’t controlled by them flopping badly to catastrophically. Looks like Fox agrees with me.

According to Wiki (and the comics I recently read):

You don’t see Doom, as a notoriously gifted programmer/hacker, being invited to the Baxter Building think tank? Just about every* confirmed *bit of information released about the movie fits perfectly fine into the UFF approach to things. Other than Johnny being black.

That bears very little resemblance to the origin described in the OP, aside from “knows how to use computers.”

Kebbell never mentioned his origin. He just mentioned his occupation. He also mentioned his ‘Eastern European’ accent, which suggests he’ll in fact be tied to Latveria somehow.

The official synopsis sounds pretty close to the UFF origin story to me:

Is that what turns Johnny Storm black?

Yes, and he can never go back.

This movie is a hot mess. They should just throw it in the trash where it belongs and release the Roger Corman version to theaters instead. At least that version had the Storm siblings the same race, something no other version has done.

Rightly so, I’d imagine.

I’m thinking direct to DVD. Completely forgettable. Another DC fail. Quit raping my childhood!

ETA: Oops. It’s not DC. It *feels *like DC.

I don’t have a problem with them adopting Ultimate FF.

But darned if Doom’s original origin and attitude isn’t the very thing that makes him one of the (if not THE) best villains in comics. It shows off his defining trait of arrogance, gives him a motive (however wrong-headed) for hating Reed Richards, and yet humanizes him as well (he just wanted to rescue his mom from Hell, after all). Whether in the movies or the “Ultimate” comics, any attempt to alter it does it no favors.

Quite frankly, an FF movie with Doom’s origin as the plot framework, from Doom’s, Reed’s and Ben’s college days through his and the FF’s transformations into the heroes and villains they became, would be better than anything we’ve seen so far.

This is terrible. Doom deserves a movie of his own–from his childhood in Latveria, to his university years, to his experiences in Tibet, to his ascendancy to the Latverian throne.

Darth Vader got three movies to explain his origin. Doom deserves at least one.

At the end of the movie, the REAL Doom walks into this Pretender’s lair and nails his ass to the floorboards.

In this drawing on a site talking about the new FF film, why is Reed Richards being played by Dennis the Menace’s dad?

I see the outrage over Sue’s cleavage-baring costume (howcum only she gets to have an open shirt?). What I really want to know is – Why is she the only one who gets a belt? In the original FF comics, everybody had belts. Now it looks like they’re following the Superman trend of not having separate underpants and belts. Except Sue.

Marvel Comics doesn’t control their movie division, and no consumer ever benefited from brand loyalty. I’d love to see three competing entities one-upping each other to make the best movies possible, even if it means we don’t get to see Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man together in the same movie. Sadly, we aren’t getting that now either.