Doctor Review Websites?

I’ve searched, but I couldn’t find it. I thought I saw references to this in other threads, but no luck finding it.

Are there websites where I can get reviews of doctors (surgeons)? My wife is considering surgery with a doctor and I’d like to find out if he is competent, honest, etc.

If it matters, we’re in Northern California and the type of surgery is orthopedic.


Angie’s List does doctors now. It’s a pay site.

These services may not be free:
Castle Connolly

Just as a .02 cents worth, many “online reviews” are going to be from patients. The average patient rarely understands the full depth of what goes into good surgical work. You want a good referral, find a way to corner an RN in an ortho heavy unit and ask them which doc they want working on them if they needed help.

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