"Doctor" Suzanne Gudakunst

Nice URL anyway.

Read “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”, because the “doctor” has one thing right, the food and pharma industries are lying to us. Check out “The Bionic Burger” on youtube, for example.

So I lost 40 pounds. Do I have less parasites now or have I compressed them into a smaller area.?

:rolleyes: Right. Diseases wiped out, lifespan skyrocketing, quality of life improving left and right, why are those assholes holding out on us?!?!?!

The only reason Kevin Trudeau is selling quack books now instead of quack products is because he got shut down hard. He’s spent years in jail for credit card fraud, and has been investigated for running a pyramid scheme, which he settled out of court. The book you named is crammed full of useless and maybe even harmful garbage. He has nothing to back up his claims but anecdotes, generalities, and lies. Kevin Trudeau is a quack, and he’s making money off of people’s ignorance.

What gets me is that Big Pharma and Enormous Food, with all those bazillion executives and scientists and other workers are all united in condemning themselves, their friends and loved ones to a horrible premature death, while concealing all the cheap, safe, totally effective remedies and foods that will prevent or cure all illness!!!

Those foul, foul fiends. It’s diabolical. :(:confused:

A friend who believes this crap explained to me how it works. They use all these “cheap, safe and totally effective remedies”[sup]TM[/sup] :dubious: themselves. It is just us poor unwashed schmoes who are left to die.

I think she need a walther PPK for that shot
que James bond theme

Ursula Andress, Teri Hatcher, Halle Berry, Eva Green… and introducing… Suzanne Gudakunst.

Nitpick. If she’s going to be a Bond girl, she needs a last name like Gudacunt. :wink:

2nd floor, intestinal parasites, worms and gudapussies