Doctor Who fans - Does Capaldi get better?

I stopped watching the Doctor after the Capaldi ep where he was the school custodian. I’m just not warming up to him. I’ve loved the Doctor since Tom Baker, watched all of NuWho since the first ep. And now I’m just not feeling it. Does it get better? Should I power through?

Give me inspiration.


I thought Capaldi was great from the second he stepped into the role. I guess the answer to that would be no, if you don’t like him now you won’t like him later.

In my opinion…no. I didn’t like him at the beginning of his term, and I haven’t grown to like him any more. I find his doctor to be obnoxious and annoying. I look forward to his regeneration. :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge Capaldi fan either. I don’t know why; I like him in other things. Just not as the Doctor.

I don’t like the 12th Doctor, but not because of Capaldi’s performance; he’s pretty funny. I don’t care for the way Twelve is written. Eleven, Ten, and Nine, though quite distinct in manner, were similar enough in essence that I can believe that they were the same basic person; I can accept easily that Rose went from being in love with Nine to being in life he with Ten, that River went from being in love with Eleven to Ten. But Twelve is just off. Amy, Donna, Martha, and Rose would never be able to stand him.

12 and Clara take a while to gel, but they do. I would continue if I were you - there’s a couple of absolutely awful episodes after where you’ve got to, but there’s also a couple of the best ones the show has ever done. That’s with the usual caveat about individual taste, of course.

I named the new house chihuahua Clara. I’m sure that you wanted to know. :smack:

I suppose if that’s what you want from Who, Twelve might not be for you.

It took me a long time to accept Capaldi…his delivery of a certain line regarding Americans in last season’s finale was gold though. :smiley:

Capaldi is supposed to be a bit abrasive, a bit more alien. He doesn’t really understand humans and especially the social graces. I find it makes him more interesting – a change from the emotional doctors who immediately preceded him and more a throwback to William Hartnell (with a touch of the early Colin Baker). Clara is there to teach him to be more human.

I guess it could be argued, in-canon, that being the first of a new regeneration cycle means certain aspects of his personality have been reset, so he’s more like the First and Third Doctors.

I repeatedly stated I do not like the Grumpy Doctor, and prefer the Whimsical Doctor. But in the most recent episode, the Christmas ep 2014, he was less thorny and more playful, which may carry through to the next season. I have hope.

I have never liked Clara much either.

I thought he was great from the get-go. that said, I do think my favorite episodes of his (so far) only season were from the back-half. Not just the Doctor, but the stories themselves. “Flatliners” was the best of the lot for me, with a genuinely creepy and original alien menace and an ingenious use of the TARDIS within the story.

Clara was remarkably improved as a character as well during the latest season. (Although I was glad that her b.f. won’t be sticking around - he was the big stickler of the year for me.)

The Doctor and Missy, when they eventually lock horns, is terrific. They have great chemistry together and I’m glad she’ll be making a return visit next season as well.

I love Capaldi, and I think his performance is the best thing about Doctor Who these days. Nevertheless, I don’t like the way the 12th Doctor has been written and I dislike Clara, though she has gotten better since she started. The caretaker episode was one of the few I remember enjoying from the last season.

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure my disappointment with recent Who is the fault of the show. It might be the case that despite still enjoying plenty of other children’s entertainment, I’ve finally in middle age outgrown Doctor Who. In any event, I recently saw this Cracked video and pretty much agreed with everything it says.

I’m not sure if there’s been any more seasons, but I watched the entire first season with Capaldi and he didn’t seem any better at the end than he had at the beginning. On the whole, he was okay. The writing for that season, though, seemed like they’d decided to leave the “All Ages TV” pool and jump into the “Kids TV” pool.

I don’t imagine that has anything to do with Capaldi, but unless I hear that they’ve gone back to all age storytelling, I’m not in too big a hurry to follow the show.

I like him, but I can see why people don’t; I think a lot of his abrasiveness was written to counter the Impossible Boyfriend writing that plagued the last couple of seasons: I was never a huge Matt Smith fan to start with, and his Doctor practically making goo-goo eyes and blowing kisses at the female audience - with Clara written in as their stand-in - almost made me give up on the show. So, better Doctor, better Clara, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t dial back some of the outright rudeness for the next season: still, as someone remarked, there’s a lot of Hartnell written in there as well.

Capaldi is doing pretty well, by my estimation. He was a terrific change of pace in the role after fidgety, fidgety Matt Smith.

Well, I’m a Tennant man, and I prefer an energetic, charismatic and most importantly, empathetic Doctor - a trickster god with a heart. Capaldi is just Moffat doing another high-functioning sociopath.

It doesn’t help that some of his episodes have been among the stupidest things I have ever seen on TV. I mean, like, TLC-level stupid. The one with the moon? Seriously?

The worst thing about that episode was that it wasn’t even a terrible idea, and the stupidity could have been so easily fixed by the simplest of rewrites: just change “moon” for “asteroid”, “comet” or “meteor” - which obviates the need for the egg-laying - and you’re golden. On the other hand, Flatlined was probably my favourite episode since Tennant: the business with the shrinking Tardis was completely new and original, yet was absolutely consistent with everything we’ve seen or been told about it. That was a fine piece of writing.

What is TLC?

I’m assuming he means the former Learning Channel, providers of wholesome shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and 19 Kids and Counting.