Doctor Who Noob Here...

I’m only mid-way through the first (2005) season, but I have a question: Are all of the doctors men or do they ever use a woman doctor?

It’s all been men so far, but there are (or were) female Timelords. I’m pretty sure it’s been established that at least one Timelord changed sex during regeneration, but I’m blanking on the details.

All men so far, though there’s no canonical reason that the Doctor can’t be female. Each time we get a new Doctor (Matt Smith is leaving after the Christmas episode, so we’re in one of these periods), there’s all sorts of speculation about possibly having a lady Doctor. I personally enjoy watching the UK bookmaking sites during this time. :smiley:

Technically there are no other Time Lords since they all got blowed up in the Time War

But you are probably thinking of Romana from the Tom Baker era. IIRC, during her regeneration from Romana I to Romana II, she “tried on” a bunch of different looks. I think one of them might have been male.

Spoilers, sweetie.

[Spoiler]Not quite. As the Face of Boe says, “You are not alone.”

There’s also the cloned “Doctor’s Daughter” loose somewhere in the universe.[/Spoiler]

Nope, all female. Although one had blue skin.

It’s also a fucking travesty and I will never forgive RTD for foisting the limp bag of confusion and stupid that is Gwen on us or the end of S2.

Hey, Torchwood’s what got me into Doctor Who. It also had bisexuals. (Ok, it went a bit too far with that, but it was nice to see sexuality beyond the simple gay/straight duality for a change.) And apparently the mini series was pretty good.

I won’t deny that it had some good episodes, especially the latter episodes with Owen. But seriously, I watched the end of S2 at the same time as the end of S4 of Who and I almost had to stop watching because I wasn’t gonna be able to take one more sad thing.

It scarcely had anyone who swung only one way (maybe Rhys, but you never know what happened off-screen).

Children of Earth is really, really good, but it’s dark as hell.

Agreed. I haven’t watched Miracle Day or whatever the 4th season thing is called. John Barrowman is not enough of a pull to make me sit through any more Gwen.

Curious: Can it stand on its own? Lots of folks have told me to check it out, but here’s the thing: I started watching Torchwood w/ S1. Watched the whole thing and then… missed the last episode. As I recall, I did more or less the same thing with S2, except maybe I missed a few more episodes than just one. And I’m not particularly interested in watching S1/S2 again–I’m not sure it’d stand up now that I’m steeped in Who. But I’d give Children of Earth a shot if I don’t need to know exactly how S1/S2 ended.

You know the characters already and I believe the initiating action is within the first episode so I think you’d be good to go.

As far as interweaving Doctor Who and Torchwood, it goes something like this;

Doctor Who Series 1 & 2
Torchwood Series 1
Doctor Who Series 3
Torchwood Series 2
Doctor Who Series 4
Torchwood: Children of Earth
Doctor Who: The End of Time

There haven’t been any further crossovers since then, so Miracle Day can be watched at any point thereafter without spoiling anything.

Aye, I think so. You know the characters and premise of Torchwood anyway. You might need a stiff drink at a couple of points.

I never got very into Torchwood. I started watching Doctor Who after my brother died when I was sad, because it’s a really hopeful show. Torchwood was too depressing. But, I did tell my kids about it (before I watched it) because I thought they’d be interested in it. And then I saw the first episode and I was like, Whoa! This isn’t like Doctor Who! SO I thought it was good info to share, because it sure surprised me.

(it isn’t super duper bad or anything, but its a whole lot darker than Who and everything is more explicit. I’d say it’s ok for kids over, I dunno, 14 or so.)

Okay, it turns out that Torchwood is what my sister watched, and she didn’t like it at all, which unfortunately discouraged her from trying Doctor Who.

She should really give Who another shot then. tell her a lady on the internet said so. :wink:

Loved Ecclestone as The Doctor but David Tennant is my Doctor.

You’ll get rather attached to each incarnation, took me a bit to warm up to Matt Smith but now I’m afraid that whoever is next won’t be as good as the previous actors.

Donna Noble is still the best companion.

I feel that all the new female companions become Mary Sueish.