Doctor Who series 11 trailer

Not a big fan of non-instrumental music.

Wish I could watch (I haven't seen an episode since Netflix lost the rights)


I’m excited about the new season, but I have been seriously underwhelmed by the crappy girl-pop they’ve been using as music for the trailers. They need something a lot more heroic. Just because she’s a female Doctor doesn’t mean she needs to be accompanied by crappy pop instead of more typical Doctor-soundtrack music.

Why does the intro make a big deal that The Doctor is a woman?

I can’t ever recall a scene like that in Voyager. Janeway was the Captain. She gave orders. The crew followed them. Period.

They never raised the issue that the ship had a female captain.

I hope we aren’t going to see episode after episode where people assume the male companion is the leader. Then have to be corrected and told it’s the woman over there.

I hope we aren’t going to see *any *episodes like that. That’s what I’ve been afraid of all along, and I will be strongly tempted to stop watching if they do crap like that.

Dammit, people, she’s the DOCTOR! Not the Female Doctor. Not the Girl Doctor. Not the Doctor with Boobs. Just get on with it, treat her just like every other Doctor, and let’s make with the running and the Daleks and the hiding behind the couch like all the others.

That’s why I was happy to see running in corridors (and something that could be a quarry) in the trailer.

I hope they address the sexism/change into a woman in the first episode, and then never again. I’d be okay with that. It’s an elephant in the room that has to be acknowledged, it would be weird if they didn’t. And the marketing has to as well.

I agree they need to address the gender change in the opening episode. Then ignore it from then on.

That’s pretty much how they’ve always handled the introduction to a new Doctor. There’s a twist this time, but it shouldn’t change the series going forward.


There’s a new sheriff in town. The Moffat era was over full of the loud crescendos of the Doctor’s hero theme (Apparently it’s called “I am the doctor.”). Greatly over used in my opinion. I would not be at all surprised if the Chibnall era uses music in a much different way. That’s more to do with the show runner than who is the Doctor.

Of course trailer music could have nothing to do with what is in the finished product.

It depends on if they fall back on the habit of the Doctor continually meeting up with people he’s met before. If so then she will have to say something each time. Probably something that is supposed to be funny and clever.

Can’t wait. It looks similar in tone and execution to the Davison era, where the Doctor is unambiguously a moral agent: hopefully we’re done with Moffaty “Am I a good man?” wangsting.

I’d swear the first half of the first season with Capaldi was episode after episode of, “Oh my God! He’s oooollllllldddddd again!”

And yeah it was like, yeah, we gotcha. Thanks. Move on.

Sherlock season 3 was also pretty cringy with all three of its episodes being too self-impressed on the part of the writers for bringing Holmes back to life to not incessantly pat themselves on the back for it.

On the whole, British TV doesn’t seem to be very good at figuring out the right amount of emphasis to give something. I’m not super hopeful, but I guess we’ll see.

True, and inevitably they will probably have to. But in this series they are not revisiting any familiar villains, so they can put that off for a while.

I believe that’s an excellent idea. They have leaned very heavily on the same villains over and over. Having some callbacks are good. Every week it became tiresome. The Killer Angels don’t really make any sense. They should have been a one off villain.

Early reviews of the 7 October Season Premiere are positive.

It doesn’t? What do you imagine you are seeing?

I think it the be related to the pun around “It’s about time” which was a common response from one camp on the announcement. A camp which I excitedly am a part of.

To be honest I was mostly concerned about another male trying to one up Peter Cappelli’s painful (to me) attempts to be cool and manly.

After seeing how meaningful it was to a lot of female fans I am sure it was a nod to that portion of the fan base.

They showed her being female! It’s like the BBC SJWs want to rub our noses in it! What about men? Why don’t they reboot Absolutely Fabulous with a male cast, if they’re so concerned about equality?

I strongly disagree that they need to explain anything it just matches precedent except for the Doctor.

The Master -> Missy
The general in Hell Bent changed genders on regeneration
And Matt Smith’s doctor thought he may be a woman for a second.

As I noted, not a Peter Cappelli fan but I hated the attempt to justify his face from Pompeii.

I’m not seeing it either. Oh there’s the nod to it but not over the top. What do you think you are seeing?

I’m happier that they (a) are giving the usual villains a rest for at least a season (oh, here’s the dalek ep, oh here’s the cybermen, I wonder how they will fit in the weeping ang… Oh there they are) and that (b) there isn’t the multiseason arc crap that the Matt Smith era in particular was fond of. I’m hopeful that we may get a return to the character arcs being for the companions. But I always preferred old Who, and may be getting old and set in my ways.