Doctor Who: The Longest Game

Thanks to a little help from people who like to share, I just saw this episode. Something about it reminded me of a movie, but I can’t remember which one. Oh well, I remember when I rewatch it. Overall, I liked it. Someparts felt like tyhey need to be expanded on, to make it more believeable, but I was entertained, and had fun.

Oh, the name name is spelled Jagrafess"

Oh, and the next episode is about The Langoliers?

Are you thinking of Tomorrow Never Dies?

I felt the episode took a while to get going. It was a nice rip on the press. Did you notice how the chief human baddie looked a lot like Elliot Carver from that James Bond film?

I’m glad they dumped the Adric-clone.

The “chief humabn baddie” was Simon Pegg, writer and star of Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, and the narrator of Dr. Who Confidential.

I was so glad they got rid of Adam. That obnoxious fucker would have really screwed up the dynamic of the show. Rose and the Doctor are a brilliant team.

James Bond? No, I mean stylistically as well as thematically, and on only cought part of that film. Now that I think of it, I have been up too long, and it was the end credits that reminded me of something.

It’s on the tip of my tongue.


snaps fingers

I thought it was the weakest episode of the new series yet.

It attempted to take on a very weighty, yet subtle, concept (manipulation of facts by the media in order to further their own agenda) that is probably way over the heads of a sizeable part of their target audience, yet totally failed to give a single real-life example of how this was happening, why it was happening, and what were the consequences. Just some dialogue about keeping the public in a state of heightened alarm in order to maintain control, (another bit of politics there!) breaking the number one rule of fiction; don’t tell, show.

I think most would find it just confusing. All in all, I it was biting off more than it could chew for 45 minutes of family viewing.

And the snapping fingers bit was just daft. Who’s going to design something so personal, yet so easily activated by anyone?

Well, but remember, the snapping fingers bit was the “default”, and was changable, although I don’t think Adam was instructed on how to change it…

A theory :

[spoiler] This episode has been a set up for important future events. Adam becomes a major recurring character.

As an 8 year old he was a computer hacker, using the pseudoname “Bad Wolf.”

As an older child he was a vandal, spraying “Bad Wolf” on various objects around his estate, such as a blue box that turned up one day. Rose has seen him around, but doesn’t know his name.

As a young adult, he designed a helicopter, which he named “Bad Wolf 1”

He then manages to get a far future computer implanted in his brain. Using future knowledge he becomes immortal, rich and powerful. He is still alive in the far future, as a media baron, the owner of Bad Wolf TV.

And he becomes The Doctor’s deadliest enemy. [/spoiler]

Oh yes, I posted the above theory on another forum. Someone else came up with an addendum:

Adam becomes the father of a new Dalek race

That was the first episode that actually felt like Dr Who.

Not so good, really, but I liked the characters. Simon Pegg was excellent.

Finally got around to seeing this. Loved the episode, but wish it could have been two hours or one and a half instead of one. They have to move the plot along at breakneck speed to get it in in under an hour. As my wife put it, “It’s like watching Doctor Who on speed.” It’s good, but not as satisfying.