Doctor Who: The Water of Mars on BBC America

For all of us North American Doctor fans who haven’t already tracked down the Mother BBC airing of The Waters of Mars, it will be airing on BBC America Saturday December 19th @ 9pm ET. Also, if you are like me and missed the original airing of Planet of the Dead, they are re-airing that special, along with The Next Doctor on Saturday December 12 to get us in the mood (which is why I’m posting this today).

Looking at the BBC America schedule they also have an “Inside the TARDIS” behind the scenes special airing on the 19th before The Water of Mars.

Thanks for the heads up.

Reminder bump.

My DVR cut off the list couple of minutes. Did anything happen after the Cloister Bell started ringing?

Just spotted this regeneration guide in today’s Guardian and thought the people in this thread might like it too:

There’s another new episode being aired this coming Saturday, as well! Only one left after that with David Tennent! :frowning:

Yeah, it’s funny, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see it, but now it’s coming too soon.

Not much.The Doctor stands in the console room a moment, pensive and troubled. Then he quitly but resolutely says “No,” and puts the Tardis in motion. The original broadcast also included a brief preview of the next episode.

There was a discussion of The Waters of Mars here and The End of Time: Part I (spoilers) here.