Doctor's medications and vivid dreams

I went to Wikapedia and discovered that topral (Generic metaprolol) causes vivid dreams.

I experienced those dreams years ago on “nicotine patch”. I get them nightly now.

also causes inability to have sex.

sure I’m not a stroke victim due to the drug, but

I thought I was a PTSD patient from my job.

The doctor went to another hospital btw.

Are you posting on drugs right now?

Aren’t we all, or… ?

{ smee goan wakes up, crawls out of bed and says to self,“Whoa, I dreamed last night that I wrote a biting critique of the pharmacy and medical care industry. Then I published it at a very prestigious on-line site where it was revered by millions” }

Like the OP’s username though.

{ “If only I could remember the site… something about giraffes?” }

pass the bong.

My wifey in a nursing home and ever see that hand shaking side affect?

I know she gets vicaden sometimes for pain.

But again she’s vertical- well in a wheelchair. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m probably going to go to my grave wondering why he put “c’mon man” in a quote box.

How does he have the necessary 'puter smarts to manually enter the quote box [/] but not the communication smarts to say more than that…

I dig vivid dreams. They’re extremely intense and seem so real that once I wake up I have to lay there a while and think about if what I just experienced was real or a dream. They are a multitude more intense than the average dream or nightmare.

I first had them about 9 years ago when I went to India and had to take anti-malaria pills. The pharmacist told me “these cause vivid dreams”. I said “what does that mean?” He snickered and said “you’ll find out!”

I enjoyed them so much that now a couple times a month I take 600mg of B6 before bed. The dreams are absolutely insane! What a ride!!!:cool:

Last night I had a really vivid dream that I was eight years old again and somehow got signed up for the neighborhood Butt’s Up tournament. Remember Butt’s Up? A game I hadn’t thought about in close to 20 years.

I woke up and thought, “man, what a crazy dream! How strange it is that memories from so long ago can trickle up from one’s subconscious!” Then I turned over and saw

a fresh tennis-ball-sized bruise on my left ass cheek!

True story.

I know. I used to have hypnagogic hallucinations before my sleep apnea was treated. I really miss them.

If only there was a recreational drug that caused vivid/lucid dreaming, I’d be vegetative encephalapods that hang from branches while my fifth grade teacher recites poetry (except it’s not actually my fifth grade teacher, but Jon Stewart).

Yeah, unless they’re about not having sex.

There is, and it’s not even a drug. It’s vitamin B6. YMMV but it takes about 200-600 mg. It isn’t something you can do every night as too much B6 built up in the body can cause nerve damage. But my research shows doing it twice a month doesn’t cause problems. I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice.

…and then PKBites was there and he kept talking about the alphabet and things that weren’t doctors.


I didn’t notice vivid dreams as a side effect at all. It does do wonders for my blood pressure and fast heart rate though. Nice not to feel like a humming bird on crack.

I know what you mean. You know something is weird when you’re chasing Hitler off the front lawn while yelling “He invented the accordion!”

I’m all hopped up on goofballs.