Doctors - what disease do I have?

I’ve just returned from the hospital after having a very bad ear infection (resistant to amoxycillin and cephalexin, no less). The nurse practitioner there diagnosed me with having a disease that’s commonly communicated through pool water, but I didn’t catch the name. All I know is: it’s very painful, it’s caused my ear canal to virtually close up and it’s got two words as the name, one of them being “external”, “externis” or something similar.

What disease is it?


You should probably call up the place you went to to get some confirmation on this, but it’s probably swimmer’s ear, also known as otitis externa.

IANAD but I play one on message boards.

just kidding…

That’s the one. Thanks.

So doesn’t that mean that the infection is toward the outside of the ear drum/canal and so it can be treated with drops? And inside the ear would be a more difficult problem?

Swimmer’s ear is no joke, though, either. It is wonderful when the swelling and pain go away!

I’ve been given ssteroid drops for the condition, so yes, that is how it is treated.

Some years ago I had an ear infection that didn’t clear up after a few days of standard antibiotics. I went back to the doctor and he told me that it was probably some particular agent that is common in public swimming pools. He took a swab and told me if it cultured he could get me on some “super” antibiotic that required government approval but in the mean time I could have 2 tablets to start. He gave me the script and said, “If the chemist looks at you funny it’s because 2 tablets is the standard treatment for the clap. So try to look like you have a sore ear.”

And the chemist thinks, “Wow, dudes got one serious case of the clap”. :eek:

That’s why it’s prudent to remember that aural sex is STILL sex. :smiley: