Documents disappear from printer queue without printing

Windows XP Pro SP3
Brother MFC-235C

I was printing labels in Word 2003 and I had the wrong printing settings and didn’t want to waste the paper so I pressed the “Power Save” button to try and abort the printing. I probably should have pressed the “Stop/Exit” button… or went to the printer queue and cancelled it from there.

Anyway, what happens now is that it shows the printer queue icon in the task bar for a second or two, then it disappears. If I open up the printer queue window it is empty, and if I print something (e.g. a blank document in notepad) it shows up in the queue for a second then disappears.

I’ve tried connecting the printer to another computer and the same thing happens.

In the “Printers and Faxes” window it says the printer and the fax are “Ready”.

I’ve also tried going into the “Device Manager” and it doesn’t have a yellow question mark or anything but I went to “uninstall” and restarted the computer and plugged in the printer and it detected it. I downloaded the most recent drivers but I just got the printer to install the old drivers.

I’ve also tried deleting the printer in the “Printer and Faxes” window…

The “Print Test Page” thing appeared in the queue though and printed… but notepad and Word still aren’t working…


I had been following the Windows troubleshooter… it looks like in order for notepad to print a page there needs to be at least one character on it.

Also when printing the labels, I wanted to print pages 5-7 but it seems that it all counts as 1 page (it is all on page 1) so I deleted the first 4 pages and it printed…