Dodge 1500 V6... with a manual six speed???


Has anyone ever driven one of these?

2007 (or so) Dodge 1500 ST V6 with a manual 6 speed transmission?

I have a good line on one of these trucks with only six thousand miles on it, in showroom quality for really really CHEEP. I just don’t know if this would be a total dog or not.

I have no idea why it would benefit much from a six speed tranny. It can’t lower the RPMs that much putting it in double over drive without making it a Hugo on the highway.

But I could be wrong, I haven’t gotten to drive it yet.

Dog. Plus…

Doesn’t tow worth jack either.

Nothing less than the 4.7 OHC V8 is worth having. That’s entry-level power for such a truck. Don’t go below it.

It would help if we knew what you were going to use it for. My dad has an 05 or 06 1500 with a V6 and auto trans. It works well for most stuff we do, with the exception of the one time we put a good deal of retaining wall blocks in there, and then it was pretty slow. If you just need hauling space, and not a lot of weight, it will be fine. Understand it is not a race truck, it’s just a truck you can put stuff in and haul somewhere. And itis not going to tow a large camping trailer, either.

At most what I would do with it would be to put my Honda Shadow in the back of it, which is about 680 pounds. I don’t run races and I generally drive about 65 mph.

Right now I have a 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab and I don’t ever have anyone in it but me, the bed is only 5.3 feet long, and its got a 5.3 liter. I don’t drive it over 65.

680lbs is certainly not light. You are going to notice the difference, surely, with the V6 engine. However, if the deal is that good, and this is what you plan on doing, it will suit your needs.

Don’t expect a huge jump in fuel economy or anything, though.

The Dodge should perform just fine. And with the smaller engine and a manual tranny, as long as you’re not putting your foot in it, you’ll see some MPG increase.

If you’re going to pass on it, shoot me a PM with the info. I might jump on it.