Dodge this!

Is it true that there are people dextrous enough to dodge bullets? I don’t mean the bullet itself, but anticipating where the shootist is aiming and dodging accordingly.

Only if they’ve taken the red pill…
In real life, I would imagine running around a lot makes it harder to aim at you than if you just stand perfectly still.

Discussing some of the reasons making it hard to do IRL:

Discussing how to do it on stage:

Very few live to tell about it.

Possible in theory, but think about it. The target has to move his entire body (or a significant portion), but the shooter only has to adjust his aim by a few degrees. I’d give it a shot (no pun intended) if I were the target, but I don’t think I’d succeed.

Just gotta listen for the shooter’s flexor tendon.

Perhaps if the guy had a laser site that you could see on your chest, and said “ok - on two you dive out of the way, and on three I’ll pull the trigger”. Short of that, it would be just blind luck, and have more to do with the shooter having a bad aim than your movement. Sort of like a soldier seeing some dude about to fire a machine gun at him and he hits the deck just as the bullets go whizzing above. He got out of the way, but it had zero to do with him actually knowingly “dodging” the bullets. If anyone waits until the trigger is pulled, they’re either dead or damn lucky the guy missed in the first place.

Well, if you are ‘anticipating’ the bullet then its not really dexterity of body but of mind. Once the bullet has been shot, you haven’t got a hope in hell (except possibly a snipers rifle from a loooooong distance and then it would only be sheer luck, because if you waited until you KNEW you had been shot at, it would agian be too late)

There was a guy back in the 80’s that could do it. I recall his name was Remo Williams.